Beginner’s Guide to Online Arbitrage

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We’ll share our most popular Online Arbitrage Tips for Beginners in this blog. We are confident that if you follow some of the suggestions shared here today, you will be able to take your Amazon FBA career to new heights!

1. Make use of cashback websites

Make sure you’re getting the most out of cashback sites. Cashback is free, easy to use, and not a rip-off. Of course, you can do this with personal shopping as well. Along with Quidco, we strongly suggest TopCashback, which is the most popular in the UK.

2. Patience is the key to success

There will be a huge competition when you buy stuff online and get a great deal. Other Amazon sellers will begin to pinch pennies and try to sell the same item for a fraction of the price to steal your sale. However, if you are tactful, prices will rise online, and you will face fewer rivalries from other Amazon sellers, resulting in more sales. The key is to be patient and not panic if your item does not sell right away.

3. Sourcing by hand

Manual sourcing will always get you fantastic offers, and while there are some excellent sourcing software programs available, you must keep in mind that you wouldn’t be the only one using these programs. Thus, there will be a lot more competition. It’ll never beat going out and figuring the deal yourself because you’ll be ahead of the game.

4. Combine Cashback Offers

There are numerous benefits to sourcing online, including the ability to stack cashback offers. For instance, use Honey to get a discount, AirTime Rewards to get a voucher on your cellphone bill, plus a cashback site, and then purchase the stuff with a credit card to get cashback and rewards. To get the most discounts and rewards, take advantage of everything free. Take advantage of the opportunity to spend a lot of money on the internet.

5. Take a broad approach rather than a narrow one

Don’t put all of your cash into one item when you’re first starting. The product could fail for unknown reasons, or the listing could be hacked by other sellers, causing your item to stop selling and you to be stuck with a large quantity of that one product. It is preferable to purchase a wider variety of products rather than a smaller quantity.

6. Don’t be afraid to sell a dead stock for a profit

Don’t be afraid to get rid of dead stock. Let’s say you purchased 50 units of the same item, and the first 40 sell well, but then other sellers crash the item on Amazon, and your item stops selling. Sometimes it is better just to sell it for less money and break even so you can use the money to buy something else.

7. Don’t buy all of the software at once

Spending too much funds on software at the start is a bad idea. It’s easy to get caught up in buying a bunch of different software you don’t need when you start. Only one tool, an analyzer, comes highly recommended. BuyBotPro. This is what we have been doing since the beginning, and it’s saved me a ton of time and money.

8. Pay attention to your refunds

You can’t avoid receiving returns as an Amazon seller. It’s natural for this to happen, especially if you’re selling toys around the holidays. Don’t just throw them away because they’re still valuable. As soon as they arrive, list them on eBay so you don’t end up with a pile of them in the corner of your data storage, taking up extra space.

9. Maintain consistency

Stay consistent, even if it’s a little cliched. Don’t buy products; instead, list them and wait for them to sell; then keep going before listing again. If you want your business to grow, set aside time each week to source products and maintain a consistent pattern. If you wait a month or more, you will lose consistency, making it more challenging to grow steadily. You can only succeed if you are consistent.


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