3 Best Checkers Tools for Amazon Fake Review

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3 Best Checkers Tools for Amazon Fake Review


To avoid wasting your time and money as a customer, prepare yourself with the necessary tools to filter out those sly phony reviews. 


In this article, you will learn about the top tools for detecting false Amazon reviews.


1. Fakespot


Fakespot claims to be able to assist you in spot and avoid dodgy retailers who utilize false customer reviews. Furthermore, by reviewing billions of customer evaluations, the business employs proprietary AI technology to detect suspect conduct.


Moorever, it’s simple to determine whether or not a product’s customer reviews are genuine. You can do this by simply entering a URL into Fakespot’s analyzer. Then, it will produce a review grade ranging from A to F based on the authenticity of the customer evaluations.


Further, after the suspect ratings have been removed, and updated customer rating will be issued, which recalculates the customer ratings of a product.


In addition, Fakespot also provides a summary of information. This information might be valuable. Also, it includes such prevalent words discovered in the reviews and the amount of deceit detected in the reviews.


Fakespot’s browser extension includes a few extra functions not found in the webpage analyzer, such as the ability to see whether a seller is allowed or not, as well as suggested product alternatives.


Note that, Fakespot has a URL analyzer on their website. It also includes extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and an Android app. It will help you so that you’ll always be able to spot unscrupulous retailers. Unfortunately, Apple has taken the iOS version off the App Store.


2. TheReviewIndex


TheReviewIndex detects questionable trends in customer reviews. Further, it done by crawling data and utilizing neural networks to deliver insights.


All you need to do is to Paste an Amazon product URL into TheReviewIndex and press Summarize. Further, TheReviewIndex will return an Overview with a score of 10 and a pass, warn, or fail result for the Spam Test.


In addition, the Review Summary has a handy feature that groups reviews by categories like Price and Reliability, as well as whether the reviews were mostly negative or positive in that category. 


Moreover, when you will Scroll down, the Review Summary has a handy feature. It further groups reviews by categories like Price and Reliability. In addition, it also states whether the reviews were mostly negative or positive in that category.


TheReviewIndex URL analyzer is available as a browser extension as well as Chrome and Firefox plugins.


3. ReviewMeta 


ReviewMeta is a customer review checker that evaluates reviews using a number of methods. It further generates a rating based solely on genuine feedback. 


Moreover, the purpose of ReviewMeta is to use data and algorithms to identify and delete ‘unnatural reviews.’ It also help to represent what unbiased shoppers genuinely think of a product.


Interestingly, it’s easy to use ReviewMeta. All you need to do is to simply copy and paste an Amazon URL and press Go. Furthermore, only real customers’ reviews will be included in ReviewMeta’s Adjusted Rating, with ‘unnatural’ reviews filtered out.


You will also find percentage of unnatural reviews on ReviewMeta. It also provides a Report Card that gives you a pass, warning or fail for a variety of categories.   


Note that, there are also Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browser extensions, as well as iOS and Android apps, in addition to Reviewmeta’s browser analysis tool.


Hope this article helped you to learn how you can check fake reviews. Good Luck!



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