8 Best Chrome Extension for FBA

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8 Best Chrome Extension for FBA

Every business owner wishes to increase their internet success. There could be several approaches to achieving this goal. Nonetheless, effectiveness and increased productivity may be difficult to attain without using innovation and specific applications and tools. If you’re an Amazon seller, you should use and grasp some of the valuable tools and add-ons available. Some of the most excellent Chrome extensions for Amazon sellers and FBA Amazon Chrome extensions are coming up next.




One of the most common mistakes made by online sellers is failing to select the best keyword for a product. One of the top Amazon FBA keyword toolkits is the Helium 10 plugin, which you might use to plan the appropriate keywords for your goods. Helium 10s X-ray Amazon Chrome extension/plugin has many features:


Product investigation

Tracking and listing of keywords

Create and improve a product listing

Analysis of competitors

Alibaba integration of suppliers

X-ray, a Helium 10 chrome extension, is available for free.




As a merchant, you must understand how well your goods segment will perform. The Jungle Scout chrome plugin can assist you in determining the profitability of your market niche. It shows you how much each product page is expected to sell. Aside from that, it can provide you with the following data:


BSR average (best seller ranking)

Average cost

The product’s opportunity score

Information about the seller


Jungle Scout has a chrome extension that you can use in conjunction with the Jungle Scout web app to create an exclusive Amazon seller toolkit.




Every vendor wishes to keep tabs on their products as well as their rivals. Keepa can assist you in the same way. It can provide you with a complete price record chart of Amazon products. It can follow any goods and tell you when the price drops and compare costs from around the world. Once you install it as a browser plugin, it may display the price history graph right on the Amazon page. The best thing about this extension is that it supports a variety of localities,,.de,,.fr,.ca,.cn,.it,.es,.in,,, It’s the ideal price tracker you’ve been looking for.




Market information from the Viral Launch browser plugin is an Amazon intelligence software that every seller should have. It can inform you which things you can sell and which goods on the site are the most lucrative. Monthly and year-end selling, as well as historical trends, can assist you in comprehending the market. The built-in calculator can be used to calculate expenditures and earnings. Viral Launch Market Intelligence is available in four different editions, with monthly and annual subscription options. Every annual membership bundle comes with two months free.




Sonar is a freeware search engine for Amazon. It recognizes customer behavior and what a user is looking for on the website and stores all of those queries in its database. You may find all of the essential keywords for your item and apply them to your product detail page to improve it. Sellics is a one-stop shop for tracking profits, increasing traffic, and managing PPC ads throughout Amazon. There are three versions accessible: Seller Edition, Vendor Edition, and Agency Edition.




AMZScout can assist you in locating a lucrative market on Amazon. You may also use this tool to select things you can sell on Amazon to increase your profit. AMZScout can be found in ten different nations. AMZScout has many features:


Get a sales estimate

Obtain a revenue estimate

Examine the quality of the listings

Information on price and ranking


You can give it a try for free. You can choose between monthly, annual, or lifetime plans after a trial period.




You can use Amazon keyword search and rating checker software to implement a marketing strategy based on genuine population information and lure many people to your goods. It enables you to obtain exact keywords as well as a precise ranking. It also aids in the optimization of your Amazon submissions, which will enhance product awareness and sales.




This Amazon seller Chrome extension allows you to find valuable brands and revenues keywords to increase your stock and make more sales. Scope can assist us with the following:


Keyword discovery: You can uncover increased keywords to help your Amazon store rank higher in search results. It displays the top-ranking keywords for a given product.

Competitor research: You may use this to do an inverse ASIN lookup to see what your competitors are selling.

Product Analysis: Determine your potential revenues for a brand using Amazon’s charge, pricing, and sales predictions. To find the ideal product, use comments, sections, the volume of sellers, ranking, and sales rank to scale down your search.

Organize data: With this add-on, you can quickly follow the progress of any product or phrase in terms of search rank.




What is the best Amazon Chrome Extension? This is a common point of discussion. The reality is there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer. However, because many of these are free, they should be on your list of go-to resources. The Jungle Scout chrome extension and Helium 10 Xray chrome extension are two of the most popular and favorite chrome extensions. The Jungle Scout chrome add-on is a real-time Amazon product fact-checker that allows you to make risk-free investments in your selling business.


If you are an online Amazon seller, then you must have an intelligent tool that will guide your business towards success by targeting the brand story, right keyword, products research, analyzing competitors, fba calculator and so much more. Get your ticket to success today!Asinwiser