Best Eight Amazon Sales Estimators tools which every seller should use in 2022

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Best Eight Amazon Sales Estimators tools which every seller should use in 2022

An Amazon seller is a business operation that needs more time and capital investment. But, at the same time, they are astonishingly essential to be examined to promote your business competently. Hence, one should not compromise to your product research, ranking, sales volume, etc. 

However, if you start using the Amazon sales rank estimator tool, you can make it more accessible to calculate their performance in the future. Sellers using a robust sales estimator have gained an edge against competitors. 

Sales estimator tools for Amazon are an excellent way to check regular monthly sales. These tools work for mass inventory and unique categories and products as well.


While they mainly deal with calculating the total sales, they also expect seller competition and assistance in analyzing the performance of a product. 

Here are the eight best Amazon Sales Estimators tools that every seller should use, regardless of your business size.

1. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch offers you a different set of services to support your business’s profit worth in the Amazon marketplace. One of the unique features of personalization introduces Virtual Launch separate from its opponents. This sales estimator gives the Amazon sellers the quality of services and helps retrieve definite results.

This sales estimator software solution has been designed to ensure your product’s success in the market. As a result, it becomes an effortless responsibility to understand the market. It presents you with previous sales, prices, and the latest trends that manage the present day, aiding in constructing a well-thought-out plan for your business.

2. Zonmaster

Zonmaster allows no hassle when operating the program, and it automates most functions, so you don’t need to worry. In addition, Zonmaster is economical, giving different options for Amazon sales estimator-free. Zonmaster’s prime offering is email follow-ups and generates interest by keeping up with the customer and assessing their interest.


 It prohibits customers from leaving negative feedback and focuses on keeping the ones already with you. Zen master proposes many automation and exclusion filters, not to forget particular email triggers. It also gives excellent sales estimation data without any errors. Suppose you’re a beginner Amazon seller and learn about sales data through this app.

3. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a valuable product research Chrome extension that has been curated specifically for the benefit of Amazon FBA sellers. Its data-driven sales estimates give you the correct information to excel in your sales and sell what will fetch you the most maintenance.

The software strives to improve the user study of the entire Amazon market. Through this platform, a seller can garner knowledge and possibilities. Unicorn Smasher provides you with the information that is too right on your browser and saves time from making endless spreadsheets to keep tabs on the numbers by giving every sale estimate feature at one stop.

4. ASINspector 

ASINspector is an authentic and reliable Amazon sales estimator tool. This is an accurate monthly sales volume of products sold on Amazon. In addition, ASINspector allows a profit calculator and product page analysis, UPC barcode scanner, import of ASINs, UPCs, instant net payout, and more. 

Although comparatively pricey, this comprehensive package is valuable for the experience of Amazon FBA sellers. In addition, there are features such as the ‘Find on Alibaba,’ packaging, warranty, and UPC knowledge that perform ASINspector worth the investment for difficult Amazon FBA wholesale sellers

Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, and so on.


5. IO Scout

The IO Scout tool helps you determine the number of monthly sales in a specific category based on the product’s sales rank. The sales volume for a particular grade differs in different categories. Suppose you want to track down niches and types with the best sales potential. 

IO Scout, it is beneficial that Amazon sellers access various vital paid and free Amazon seller tools to grow their business. You can also learn about competitors, predict sales, and benefit from a free estimator while launching your products with the IO Scout Amazon sales rank calculator. A seller can discover profitable categories by understanding how many units your product sells in each category listed.

6. AMZ Scout Sales Estimator

The AMZ Scout Sales Estimator is a remarkably easy-to-use and convenient estimator. The estimator estimates the Amazon product’s sales by its ranking on Amazon. Consequently, one must be aware of the product’s ranking they seek to fetch the data about. AMZ Scout is a combination of paid-with-tons-of-options and free-with-the-essentials. The estimator requires a seller to choose from detailed products; appliances, electronics, gourmet food, health, home and kitchen, grocery, household, etc. And you need to enter the Amazon product rank and be given the average sales estimates.

7. Seller App Sales

 Seller App’s Sales Estimator tracks down niches and categories that offer the best sales opportunities for their users to benefit. Meanwhile, it is necessary to keep a well-honed watch on your competitors in a market. Seller App Sales Estimator exhibits how many units your competitors sell and what should be the number of units you must sell to gain an edge over your competitors in the market and reach the first page of Amazon with the right keywords.

Thus, you will be required to pick your desired product base category and enter the product’s sales ranking you seek to deal with. Once you have entered all the details, the Amazon product’s orders will be displayed on the screen, providing you sales estimates to help businesses grow on Amazon.

8. AMZShark 

AMZShark has various unique features that allow you to gain routine insights into the monthly performance, competition, reviews, and several other valuable pieces of information needed to grow your Amazon business. As a result, AMZshark is recognized as one of the most cost-effective sales estimator tools available.

A paid option suggests that a seller gets tons of features and specificities that can provide the seller with a more specific plan of estimated sales than some free tools. For example, AMZShark allows you to track reviews for up to 1000+ products at a time, both your products and competitors’ products. A seller can use review alerts for market research, investigate new niches, and analyze customer desires. Hence, track recent reviews for your products with quick email alerts, allowing you to handle poor reviews proactively. 

Final Words

Millions of products available on Amazon are sold by another set of millions of Amazon sellers coming from across the world. Consequently, when the competition hits the roof with such heavy sellers and products, they must contribute to the marketplace. This list will give you some insight into Amazon Sales estimator tools. If you are beginning as a seller on Amazon, it is necessary to cut some expenses, so you might want to look out for free sales estimators. 


However, when your business expands and wants some other features to keep up with relevant information and trends in the Amazon marketplace. There are many sales estimators readily available online, offline, and a chrome extension. All you require is to enter the product category, enter the product’s ranking, and obtain the average sales volume on your screen