best proven methods to report fake reviewers on amazon

Best Proven Methods to Report Fake Reviewers on Amazon 

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The majority of customers trust reviews before deciding to purchase a product on Amazon. 

But, what if that product turns out to be fake? It’s a frustrating situation, isn’t it?

So, it’s time for you to take this matter into your hands and take action against such fake reviews on amazon. 

This guide will help you to learn how you can report fake or misleading reviewers and protect your consumer rights on Amazon. Let’s get started.

Steps to Report a Review

Follow the steps to report misleading or fake reviews:

Step 1: Visit the main Amazon website. Then, look for desired items.

Step 2: Now move to the reviews section.

Step 3: Below the review that you find abusive, tap on the Report Abuse (Note that Amazon has removed the feature of commenting the reason behind the review reporting).

Step 4: Now, to confirm tap on the Report option.

It is the first and foremost step towards the right direction of reporting. It is important to report fake or misleading reviews. When done by the majority of people then it may lead to the removal of such reviews. Further, it will also ban those people who post any other reviews ahead. 

Alternatives Ways to Report Abuse on Amazon

Following is the list of alternative ways where you can take some extra measure to report fake or misleading reviews:

  • Write Review: 

If items you purchased based on positive reviews turned out to be fake then write your review. Make sure, to tell the truth to other customers who are interested in that item.

Also, if a majority of customers have got scammed then everyone should write a negative review. Nevertheless, try to follow the Amazon guidelines while writing a review to avoid getting it removed. 

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  • Email to Amazon: 


Emailing to Amazon is another alternative to report a fake or misleading or abusive review. Further, write and send your email to Make sure to add all the specific details about your suspicions.


Also, you can add links to products, and review them for their reference. Moreover, you can add screenshots as well.


In most instances, you may not receive any revert. But, it will definitely notify Amazon to investigate the matter and remove the fake reviewers from Amazon. Furthermore, Amazon policies and guidelines against fake reviewers are quite strict. 

In addition, those sellers who ask for discounts, refunds, or compensation for fake reviews should be reported to Amazon. Eventually, Amazon will take strict action against them for violating Amazon’s rules. 

  • Return Product that didn’t match your expectations: 

The best possible way is to return items and get your refund. It will definitely impact the seller’s reputation and Amazon will surely notice this activity if multiple items get returned. 

Unfortunately, there is no method where you can specify the reason for return is a fake review. But you can still select item defective, doesn’t work, or more. Although, customers do have the power to write their side of the story. You can mention fake reviews in your comment. 

However, in this returning process, you may lose a little amount. But, it would be a great step to notify Amazon about fake products or reviews. 


One needs to stay patient and consistent in this entire process of reporting fake or misleading reviews. Moreover, you are being a responsible customer and indirectly helping other customers out there. 


Your efforts will ensure to notify Amazon to take strict action against fake reviewers on amazon. And, they will be punished for misleading others. Eventually, always explore and research in detail before purchasing any product on Amazon to avoid such scams or frauds. 

We hope this article helped you understand the easiest way out to report fake reviewers on Amazon. To make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!