8 Best Working eBay Analytical and Product Research Tools

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8 Best Working eBay Analytical and Product Research Tools


The easy part is starting an eBay shop; the difficult part is deciding what to offer on eBay. There is intense competition for online retailers on eBay, with over 1.3 billion listings. 


If you don’t have any direction, you may become unclear of where to begin, or much more skilled opponents may defeat you. In reality, there are essentially two methods to search for things to sell on eBay: manually sifting through the listings or using a convenient tool to assist you. We prefer the latter because it requires less effort on your part.


That is also the goal of this article. We hope you can get the most value for money by using the 8 best eBay brand research tools.


Top 8 of the most useful eBay business research tools

Following is the list of the best 8 useful eBay business research tools. Check out:


1. Terapeak


Terapeak is an eBay-only product analysis platform purchased by eBay in early 2018 and has since been integrated into the Seller Hub. You must have a Starter, Premium, Anchor, or Professional eBay Store subscription to use this tool. You can still enroll in the platform for a nominal monthly price unless you have a Store membership or a Starter Store membership exclusively.


2. ShelfTrend


ShelfTrend is an eBay product analytical technique that comes in two flavors: free and premium. You can sign up using your email account or by linking your eBay account to the tool. The program analyzes inventory and product descriptions from hundreds of product categories worldwide to help you figure out what to sell, what keyword to use, the best-selling categories, and how to compete. It can also alert you to changes in market trends and compare your products to similar products.


3. Algopix


Algopix, which bills itself as the “leading cross-channel market growth research tool,” allows eBay merchants to undertake quick and easy product sourcing and selling research. You can investigate up to 3,000 products in bulk with its inter-analysis feature. Alternatively, you can go into a competitor’s eBay store and get a thorough report on all of their products and their performance. Enter any term to receive product ideas, and the tool will show you a list of recent related things for sale on eBay.


4. Title Builder


The title and category are two of the essential SEO aspects to consider when building eBay listings. This is where programs like Title Builder can help! The tool generates a complete title in seconds, based on the most popular search terms on each eBay market and in nearly any language. The user interface for Title Builder is basic and uncomplicated, and it displays search terms volume and competitiveness level. You may also use the tool to erase extraneous keywords and rearrange the remaining ones to create a more appropriate title.




Many browsers, social media sites, and e-commerce platforms, like eBay, use as a keyword research tool. While does not provide you with a list of items to sell or data on active eBay product listings, it does provide you with a collection of keyword ideas to utilize as motivation for products to market. These keyword suggestions will be displayed alongside search traffic data to assist you in figuring out what’s hot and what’s not. You can toggle between standard keyword recommendations and prepositional keyword suggestions.


6. ZIK Analytics


ZIK Analytics offers a diverse set of tools. It has an eBay product research tool, AliExpress data analysis, a supplier database, and other features. You may get a picture of what the current economy looks like for any product with ZIK Analytics. The number of purchases made, total sales revenue in USD, average product price, and past graphs are all displayed. The proportion of successful listings is an intriguing statistic to find. This score might assist you in determining your chances of success.


7. Mark Sight


With a collection of free and paid capabilities, Mark Sight is another useful eBay product research platform. Enter any term into the free tool to get sold vs. unsold statistics, average cost, sell-through rates, and charts with different keyword suggestions. These figures are for the previous seven days. You can also pick between results that display the median price and results that show the average price and establish a minimum price for goods that appear in your results.


8. LimeStats


Although LimeStats isn’t well-known, it has several valuable elements that can help you track eBay merchandise and monitor your competition. You can look for something using a keyword, an SKU (stock keeping unit), or an item number. After that, you’ll see a list of similar products with information like price, revenue, quantity, things traded, shipping cost, listing conversion rate, and so on. If a product has multiple varieties, LimeStats will aggregate them together so you don’t get overwhelmed with identical results (e.g., several sizes or colors). You can also get a broad overview of the specialty, including historic sales, revenue, and quantity changes, among other things.


It’s entirely up to you 


It’s finally here! We hope that by using the best 8 eBay product analysis tools, you will be able to make the best decisions for your eBay business. You should test out these tools to evaluate which one best suits your needs. You can share another excellent eBay product research tool with us if you know of one.


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