Boost Your Blog Traffic with No Ads Using These Seven Easy Steps

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People use blogs as personal publications, and businesses use them to drive traffic to their online platforms, interact with customers, and boost revenue.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 non-advertising traffic-building tips for influencers and advertising agencies. Here, we’ll show you how to get more website traffic for free.

Explore SEO 

If you want to start a blog, you should first figure out who your primary audience is. This will help you create content that is relevant to their expectations.

Once you’ve figured out who your target market is, go to Google and see what they’re looking for. Search request survey results will assist you in developing a content strategy that includes topics that are popular among your target customers. You’ll miss the main generator of online traffic if you ignore these official figures.

Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

 Networking is highly advised to assert yourself as a superior in your field. If you cultivate strong brand advocates, more people will become familiar with your name, and your post will likely gain more viewers.

Where do you begin?

1. Curation of content by entering relevant keywords to your articles can help you quickly find influencers in your sector. Generate a checklist of these influencers, share valuable information with your audience, and keep track of blogger activity.

2. Schedule interviews with bloggers and leave insightful comments on their blog posts. Connect people that will help you get your name out there. That is how you can establish and grow your brand.

3. If your blog is considered valuable and exceptional and is highly rated, you’ll have plenty to offer. Influencers want to collaborate with skilled bloggers. You can participate in guest blogging and cross-linking. Your site’s overall score will improve as a result of links from well-known websites. This is also a good idea to introduce new targeted leads.

Create a Mailing List

Visitors are reminded of new or prior posts via email newsletters, encouraging them to return to your blog. These emails can also make blog commercialization offers or finish the marketing funnel process for business websites.

You’ll need an email account list so that you can start sending messages. How do you get the contact details of your readers?

Here are a few options to consider

1. Lead generators

2. Contact form or signup

3. After you’ve made your purchase, fill out the form.

Build Following on social media

Blogging, like social media pages, helps to build your individual or corporate brand. You must create helpful Facebook posts, Instagram, and other social media platforms to become noticeable. You should also follow the pages of other influencers and businesses and leave thoughtful comments on their posts. It would help if you were identifiable on every platform and public where your potential clients hang out.

Use social media to find brand ambassadors and community members, then follow their activity, participate in discussions, and give your opinion in a meaningful manner.

Make a list of new posts and reposts that you’ll publish regularly. Use your social accounts to grow your blog viewers by sharing your blog posts once they’ve gained traction.

Become a Guest Blogger

Encourage other online sites in your sector to link to your blog. What are the benefits for those bloggers? They boost the number of comments on their blog, change the content, and gain backlinks.

What are the benefits to you? You gain exposure for your blog, as well as organic search and referral traffic.

Find influencers and famous bloggers whose blog is shared regularly using Buzzsumo or similar apps. Request that they publish your articles.

Create a trustworthy profile in virtual forums

It would be best if you covered as much industry ground as possible. Create Quora, Reddit, and other review sites profiles. You’ll be able to freely share your thoughts, give advice, and answer questions on topics you’re knowledgeable about. Your profiles will gain trust over time, and you’ll be open to sharing links to your website more freely. However, avoid spamming. Make sure your content is relevant.

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications make it simple to boost blog traffic. They entice visitors to come back to your online platform. Because the membership process is so simple, this advertising strategy has a high opt-in percentage.

The number of visitors who sign up for your automatic updates accounts for 10-15% of your monthly web traffic after only a few months.

You can communicate with your audience effectively by sending them updates using push notifications. They return to your webpage after clicking on a notification. Your web traffic will significantly rise if you inform them of new posts or offers.


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