Don’t Miss these Amazon Vendor Central Reports

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Don’t Miss these Amazon Vendor Central Reports


It’s not easy to decipher Amazon Vendor Central reports. Unfortunately, it can be an arduous task for a few to make the greatest use of the platform because there are certain aspects such as data points KPIs, and more to track. 


However, in the thesis article, you will learn all about Amazon Vendor Central reports. Let’s start. 


Amazon Search Terms Report


The Amazon Search Terms report can assist you in determining which products receive the most clicks and conversions for customer search terms. However, it’s critical to know what search phrases your consumers use in order to increase revenue. 


In addition, you can use this report to uncover keywords that are related to your items. Moreover, you can also find out which unfavorable search terms are wasting your ad budget.


Traffic Diagnostic


By examining industry benchmarks, preceding periods, and previous years, you can easily examine the change in glance views and conversions.


Repeat Purchase Behavior


In this report, you will find the number of orders from new vs. returning clients. Furthermore, this information can be used by brand owners. It helps them to determine the percentage of customers that purchased the product for the first time vs. recurrent customers during a certain time range.


Inventory health


Track the status of your products’ inventory and receive weekly updates. Furthermore, this will enable you to spot and respond to crucial product and inventory trends immediately. 


In addition, you’ll need to keep track of KPIs like sell-through rate, open purchase order quantity, and sellable on-hand inventory, among others.


Market Basket Analysis


The products that are commonly purchased with your products are highlighted in this report. Moreover, this will aid you in identifying possible bundle, cross-sell, or cross-market opportunities.


Geographic Sales Insights


This report will assist you in locating information based on your location. Moreover, you’ll be able to quickly recognize and respond to the most important geographical patterns. 


In addition, this report includes information about the state, city, and ZIP code where your products were delivered.


Customer Reviews


For your products and business, reviews and social proofs are a significant tool and source of social testimonials. Furthermore, customers put a lot of faith in them. 


Moreover, keeping track of consumer feedback and ratings will help you improve your customer service.


Item Comparison and Alternate Purchase Behavior


This report provides competitive intelligence by assisting you in determining which things are frequently seen alongside your products. And, also which items clients purchase after viewing your products.


Alternate Purchase Report


The Alternate Acquire Report assists you in identifying the products. It includes those products that Amazon customers typically purchase on the same day that they browsed but did not purchase your products. 


In addition, the report includes information on the top five most commonly purchased products, as well as the percentage of time they are purchased as a substitute for your product.


Sales Performance Trends


In this report, you can track glimpse views, revenue, units sold, conversions, and more. Furthermore, this report’s KPIs will assist you in identifying the trends and factors that influence your sales performance.


Sales Diagnostics page


This is part of the dashboard for Sales and Traffic. Furthermore, this page will assist you in determining your products’ sales potential.


Operational Performance


To assess the Vendor’s operational performance, Amazon examines a number of parameters connected to their shipments. Furthermore, you can follow any operational issues that may have happened while your inventory was in transit to Amazon’s fulfillment facilities using this report.


However, you may face some issues with the metrics. It happens if Amazon’s requirements are not followed during the buy order fulfillment procedure. 


Note that, if your account’s operational performance is consistently bad, Amazon will issue chargebacks.


If the chargebacks are ‘waived,’ you should treat them as a warning and keep a check on the waived metrics. In addition, to see the chargeback information, go to the top right of the page and click on ‘View Defect List.’ 


Also, you can also contest a chargeback if you believe you were incorrectly charged.


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