eBay Guide: Easy Steps to Block Customer

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eBay Guide: Easy Steps to Block Customer 


Blocking eBay customers should not be done on a regular basis. However, there are situations when it’s necessary to block someone from bidding on or purchasing your things. It generally happens especially if you’ve had a bad encounter with this customer in the past.


The following are some valid reasons to block a buyer:


Fraudulent behaviour


You don’t want them to be able to buy your items because they’re a rival.


Interactions that are negative or abusive


Purchases not paid


Bids being withdrawn


When you block an eBay buyer, the restriction will be applied to all of your listings. As a result, eBay cautions merchants from using this feature.


Steps to Block a buyer on eBay


You’ll need a buyer’s user ID or email address once you’ve decided to blacklist them. Moreover, you can simply follow these easy instructions:


Step 1: Go to the page for block bidders


Go to the ‘Block bidders or purchasers from your listings’ page after entering into your account.


Furthermore, if you don’t have the link handy, search for “block buyer” under “Help & Contact” at the top of any eBay page. As a result, this page will also be reached via the first link that appears.


Step 2: Fill in the username of the buyer


You can enter the user ID or email of those customers that you want to exclude from your listings in the text box. Note that, if you’re adding more than one, make sure to use a comma to separate them.


Remember you can add up to 5,000 individuals to this blacklist on eBay. Though, it hardly reaches that point. 


Moreover, you may also examine or restore previous versions of your blocked buyers list. You can further implement that by clicking the ‘Restore list’ button above the text box.


Step 3: Submit your buyers who have been blocked


When you’ve completed copying and pasting usernames, click “submit” to save the list.


However, even if you reload the page or return later, the names of the purchasers you’ve blocked will appear in the text box on the block bidders page. 


Furthermore, to unblock a buyer, simply delete them from the list and save the modifications by clicking ‘Submit’ again.


Buyers can be blocked based on their location


It’s also feasible for sellers to exclude eBay shoppers from a specific state or nation. However, this only makes sense if you’re attempting to save money on eBay shipping. 


Furthermore, you can go to your account’s shipping choices to block customers from a specific region. In addition, this link is also accessible through your account’s site options.


You’ll find a section here where you can exclude shipping locations. Under this heading, click ‘edit.’


By simply checking the required boxes. Then, you can now construct a list of prohibited shipping regions.


Finally, return to the buyer requirements page and select the box labelled ‘Block buyers from places you don’t ship to.’




Blocking your buyers might save you a lot of time and aggravation. However, you also need to be careful in this process. 


Moreover, you risk crippling your sales if you block too many buyers. Also, make sure to check your blocked buyer activity record periodically. It will further help to ensure that the limits you’ve put in place aren’t harming your business.



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