eBay Personal and Business Account in Detail

eBay Personal and Business Account in Detail

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If you have decided to sell on eBay then you have to create an eBay seller account. However, you have to further decide if you want to go with a personal or business account. 

In this effective article, you will learn more about seller registration and personal/business accounts on eBay. Let’s start.

Seller Registration on eBay

The selling process on eBay is quite simple and easy. Furthermore, eBay offers a wider range of products and categories. You have the option to sell on eBay through both fixed and auction-formatted prices. 

So, the first and foremost step to selling on eBay is to create an account and generate your product listings. Then, once its activation setup is completed, you can start your selling business on eBay. In addition, you can create an account by using Facebook, Apple, or Google Accounts.

However, note that with whatever account you choose to create your account. You also allow accessing your email address and public profile on eBay. 

Furthermore, after creating a profile, your next step is to create your product listings. Make sure you place your products under the right categories. 

Unfortunately, some sellers manipulate and violate the product search policy. They place products in the wrong category on eBay. It happens when sellers touch their limit reach for specific monthly sales. It clearly states that those sellers violate the Search Manipulation Policy. 

Personal Vs Business Account on eBay 

You will get two options on eBay to build your account. It includes personal or business accounts. You have to choose one of them. 

If you have a small number of products or items to sell. Then you can register to create a personal account. In this way, you can also handle the fees on eBay. Also, note that eBay has two kinds of fees. It includes eBay Insertion fees and Final Value Fees. 


On the contrary, if you have a larger number of products to sell then you can register for a business account. Here you get all the perks of an eBay seller business account. Moreover, do not miss to consider eBay business account fees while choosing it. 


In addition, sellers of business accounts can select registration names. Further, this name would be visible on the invoices that are issued by eBay. 

Nevertheless,  you have the option to change your personal account to a business account. Also, you can register or sign up for a new business eBay account. Moreover, if you want to switch from a personal account to a business account then you can visit the account settings. Further, follow the steps ahead and switch to business. 

eBay Business Accounts Perks

Here is the list of perks of having a business account on eBay. Check them out:

Lower Selling Limits

There are certain limitations on new sellers when it comes to sales limits. It may include selling 10 products per month. However, you have reduced limits when you have a business account. 

Reduced Taxation


With more opportunities to sell products on eBay, you could manage to balance the taxation system with it. Obviously, sellers have to pay heavy taxes. Therefore, to surpass that amount you can strongly boost your sales with a business account on eBay. 

Tools and Promotions

You will have tools that could effectively handle and manage sales control. It includes tools such as Promotions Manager and is free for business sellers. Also, it provides you the access to create your coupons and customized discounts. It will enhance business by attracting customers and boosting sales with the right products. 

All in All

As you surely would have understood the concept of how crucial it is to have your seller account on eBay. However, you can create and choose the account depending upon your sales requirements and needs. Happy Selling!