Everything you need to know about Amazon Brand Registry

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Amazon Brand Registry is a powerful and sophisticated program.  But oftentimes, it is misunderstood and perceived as complicated. However, When you use it with an appropriate approach, the seller can build a business and profit from items sold by Amazon

Being a brand owner is a full-time job that always keeps you on foot. Perhaps, Who doesn’t dream of ranking among Amazon’s top 100 best sellers? 

To leverage the best of Amazon manufacturers, brand owners and sellers must apply to the Amazon brand registry program and earn maximum benefit from it. 

Let’s dive in and understand better in detail.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry Program is created especially for a brand owner to register your brand with Amazon to access improved selling prominent features. It is safe to say that Brand Registry has absolute control over the brand. Brand registry is free to join. Amazon’s Brand Registry is a plan that recognizes the brand owners of Amazon. It encourages brand owners to preserve their intellectual property and product on Amazon. 

Brand Registry has a dedicated team that can contact to report intelligent property violations, policy violations, listing issues, and technical details. Brand Name Registry is also profitable if a company has different retailers selling his/her products online. 

Amazon Brand Registry U.K helps merchants to:

1. Add branded products

2. Manage branded products

3. Eliminate the brand’s image products in the marketplace

4. Make sure the product’s information is correct on the brand’s product on the listed page 

How to Register your brand on Amazon Brand Registry? 

To register at brand registry U.K, please provide the following information:

1. Brand name 

2. Active registered trademark of your brand must be visible on your products or packaging.

3. The Intellectual Property office gives the trademark registration number. 

 4. Product list along with categories in which your brand should be listed on Amazon Brand Registry.

After you submit this information, Amazon Brand’s Registry will confirm that you are the Rights Owner of the trademark and contact that fits the requirements. You will receive a verification code and that you are required to send code to Amazon to complete the sign-up procedure.

Once Amazon Brand Registry has checked the information provided by you, you will get exclusive access to Amazon Brand Registry’s advantages and features that assist you in protecting your brand’s name. 


1. Stop competitors from developing listing content to capture or destroy your listings.

2. Easier to find and report IP infringement.

3. Easy to remove incorrect IP infringement cases.

4. Fix listing issues quickly

5. Improved Brand Content and Amazon Storefront.

Wrapping up thoughts 

Amazon enables you to manage your product listings, enforce your intellectual property rights, and access additional marketing tools. Use Amazon Brand Registry to your advantage and always make sure the claims you submit are valid, or worse, your account may get suspended.


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