Everything you need to know about Amazon FBA Business

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Amazon is one of the prominent eCommerce websites for both sellers and shoppers. According to the study, nearly half of respondents said they had no problems with Amazon, while more than a quarter expressed that they loved Amazon. At about nine per cent, only a tiny fraction felt guilty when they purchased goods from the retailer.

Amazon Marketplace empowers retailers and distributors Amazon’s infrastructure in exchange for a fee. Amazon Marketplace permits the seller to sell products under the Amazon standard.

Amazon FBA’s terms are strict, and adapting your product range to Amazon’s needs requires a lot of effort, which apparently won’t be worth it if your sales figures are moderate. To cope with the expanding demands of the sellers, Amazon has launched its FBA service.

Through this article, we will answer all your answers about the Amazon FBA business.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is one of the paid services Amazon permits companies to streamline product shops online. To explain this better, Amazon sellers use Amazon’s storage centres, delivery logistics, and customer service to enhance operational facilities and decrease supply chain problems. This service empowers sellers to leverage the platform’s strong distribution network and customer base to make their business more profitable. During the past few years, fulfillment by Amazon has emerged as the most popular medium for selling products. It’s safe to say that sellers are more aware now and register themselves under Fulfillment by Amazon.

How to Register as a seller on Amazon?

To register as a seller on Amazon, the seller needs to give the following information:

  • A UK or international credit card with a valid billing address
  • A phone number to contact you during the registration process
  • Bank account information
  • Email address
  • VAT number 

There are additional rules applicable for sellers outside the UK; for more information check Amazon’s website.

Process of Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon process follows the following steps;

1. A seller dispatches its inventory to the FBA storage facility.

2. A product store lists the stock on Amazon 

3. A customer buys the product, and Amazon schedules its delivery.

4. Once the order is placed, and Amazon packages and prepares the product for shipment.

5. A delivery executive from Amazon delivers the product to the customer while giving regular tracking updates.

6. Amazon manages customer service issues with the product or shipment, if any.

How to do product listing?

To list products independently, we recommend sellers to use Amazon’s web-based interface just by entering the product’s name, the price, and stock availability. 

Alternatively, the seller can use Amazon’s bulk listing tools, which need the EAN, ISBN, or UPC (barcodes) for each product. If a seller wants to buy barcodes, then he can source one online from Amazon.

For each new product, the seller will be asked to share product information, including:

  • EAN, UPC, or ISBN code
  • The product title
  • Product description
  • An image of the product
  • Price
  • Available stock

Note that the seller might be required to input additional information to list products in some categories.

FBA fee

There are two categories of fees for inventory storage. One starts from January to September; sellers need to pay £0.30 per cubic foot per month; between October and December, the price increases to £0.40 per cubic foot per month, considering the additional funds of the Christmas period. 

The FBA seller services are cost-effective, but it depends on the number of articles sold and shipped every month. To see whether this service would be beneficial, you should add up the costs of expenses you could be spending on warehouse space, packing supplies, and labour dealing with customer service inquiries and returns handling, and whether Amazon charges work out cheaper.

How much does a Seller get paid to sell on Amazon?

Money paid by customers for purchasing your products will be automatically transferred into your bank account every 14 days. You will receive your first deposit 14 days after registering your seller account and notify you via your email used during the registration process. 

To start an Amazon business, the seller needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Register yourself as a seller

2. Product Listing

3. Decide pricing and the costs of selling on Amazon

4. Arrange shipping and storage 

Note: Amazon’s fulfilment service will pack and ship the item directly to the customer.

Is FBA still profitable in 2022?

In case you are wondering if Amazon FBA is profitable in 2022, then the answer is yes. But before that, decide whether it will be a beneficial solution for your business model. To do so, calculate how much you’re expected to spend and what’s the profit margin.

How To Build an Amazon FBA Shipping Plan?

Nonetheless, you’re doing online retail arbitrage, wholesaling a manufacturer’s product, or private label product, shipping by air or sea. If you propose to apply to Amazon to fulfil your orders, i.e., FBA, inventory will need to be delivered to an FBA repository means planning a shipping plan.

If you choose “Convert & Send Inventory,” or if you have added a second item, you will be prompted to build a shipping plan. To do this, you’ll need your Ship address, most likely your house address, and your packing type.

There are two packing classes: “Individual products” and “Case-packed products.” You’ll be choosing “Individual products.” Keep only “Case-packed products” if you’re shipping a box with all the same types of items in it.

Once you begin with a shipping plan, add your items. Considering the second item you’ve added, you should notice two things. Keep both; once you build a shipping plan, you can add all the items you wish to sell.

Go in the corresponding process the seller went through for the first two products, then select “Add to an exact shipping plan,” preferably then “Build a new shipping plan.”


The way to your own FBA business is itself uncomplicated but requires many steps. These steps can be divided into the phases of establishing a company and product development. There are a few hurdles to setting up an Amazon business provided that the company is initially a partnership.


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