Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Verified Product Reviews

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Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Verified Product Reviews

We all love online shopping. Don’t we?

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And the dependence on eCommerce websites has accelerated at an unexpected rate because of the global pandemic we live with.

Perhaps, not every product listed on Amazon is worth buying. But how can we conclude before making a final purchase? The answer to this question is simple, i.e., reviews. And to say that Amazon Verified Product Review is essential for an Amazon seller would be an understatement.


Approximately 16.2% of customers admit they make purchasing decisions based on ratings and reviews. Do you think  Amazon reviews are genuine and reliable? We wish they were as natural as they appear to be on reading, but they are not.


Sadly, no one is willing to talk about this bitter truth about online shopping; no one tells you about non-verified reviews. Customers get trapped in paid and fake reviews and end up buying products; if you come across non-verified, the user must have bought the products at a discounted price using a promotional code. 


Then there must be a way to find if the product is worth buying or not. There comes an ‘Amazon Verified Purchase.’ An ‘Amazon Verified Purchase’ review means that Amazon has verified that the person writing the review purchased the product from Amazon and did not receive the product at a significant discount. These Amazon Verified Purchase reviews are worth their weight in gold.

How to become a verified Amazon Reviewer?


To earn the badge, customers must write a review and then let Amazon verify it. Only a verified badge would appear if the customer used the same account to write a review he used while making a purchase. In case they haven’t, the badge won’t appear. 

Also, Amazon has a stringent review policy under which a customer can leave only five or fewer non-verified reviews per week. These efforts are taken to make online shopping more reliable to gain customers’ trust. Because an Amazon seller needs reviews to rank in Amazon’s search algorithm, drive conversion, and make sales. 


However, reviews that fall under the “Amazon Verified Purchase” category are valuable as well. But Amazon doesn’t confirm that the product was purchased from Amazon or that the customer paid the price listed on the product page for other Amazon buyers.

Importance of Amazon Verified Purchase


The fact that sellers use unethical means and spend hundreds or thousands of fake 5-star reviews on their products compensates for negative reviews from real customers or hides the fact that the product is new and comparatively untested. 


The Verified Purchase badge helps balance this problem by showing customers a significantly larger chance of the review being genuine. Amazon now allows customers to filter by Amazon Verified Reviews, so some consumers will only look at those reviews. If you have many positive Amazon Verified Purchase reviews, customers will likely trust the product more, which will improve conversion.


Are Amazon verAn intelligent software tool—Asinwiser— is what you need as an Amazon. It is an impeccable solution for your all needs, including product research,  competitor research, and profitability calculator.ified purchase reviews genuine?


Amazon Verified Purchase review can be fake. Some product reviews on amazon are genuine because they have purchased the products with their own money. However, another way is being used by Amazon Reviewer, which is getting a product for free then later on reimbursed or compensated further for writing a positive review after. Getting a product for free doesn’t necessarily mean a review is fake. Someone could genuinely think it deserves five stars rating.



If you have a genuine product and invest in quality, Amazon Verified Purchase reviews will only help your business. But make sure you combine tactics with driving sales, delivering quality products, and fulfilling orders promptly to keep real customers as happy as possible.