Everything you need to know about the eBay Fall Seller Update 2021!

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eBay has finally unveiled the much-anticipated Fall seller upgrades. The upgrade includes several modifications to the eBay marketplace as a result of the sellers’ expectations. The changes include important updates in best places like eBay Storefronts, starting with Item Specifics updates, Tera Peak Reports, eBay Seller Hub performance and research, introduction to Coded Coupons, and Promoted Listing. It’s not only thrilling, but it also makes selling on eBay a lot more tempting.

eBay has categorized the upgrades into three major categories.

Promotions & Listings

User Agreement

Managing Your Business

 A. Promotions & Listings

The Fall seller brings a slew of new features and updates to the Listing and Promotions sections. The detailed updates are listed below.

1. Fall Seller Update on eBay: Specifications of the item

Item details are descriptive words that characterize your goods and help shoppers recognize and distinguish them from the thousands of other things available on eBay. The item specifications give information regarding the product and boost by allowing it to appear in search results. To summarize, by including item specifics in your listings, you increase the chances that buyers will be able to locate them quickly. The more item-specific details you add/provide, the more likely your listing is to appear in a search engine’s result, whether Cassini or another search engine.

2. Coupons with a code for a discount

Coupon codes have made it possible for sellers to find a simple way to encourage and reward repeat and prospective customers for buying more from them. When you need to target a particular customer niche, coded coupons come in handy. It’s important to remember, though, that you can’t send a coded voucher to the same buyer twice in 14 days.

3. Keep an eye on the campaign’s progress

On the eBay Seller Hub Marketing page, the eBay seller updates give you access to statistics on your campaigns. The data will guarantee that you have a thorough understanding of the performance measures used to assess your campaigns’ effectiveness. eBay also wants to add more functionality to the section shortly to help its sellers.

4. Advanced eBay Promoted Listings (BETA)

For sellers eligible for Promoted Listings, the eBay Promoted Listing will be updated to Promoted Listings Advanced (BETA). Once you’ve earned your eligibility, you may begin bidding for the best position in the search results. All active campaigns will be automatically converted to the eBay Promoted Listing Standard once you upgrade. The name and attribution logic are the only changes you’ll notice.

B. Managing Your Company

Running your business provides you with eBay store updates that give you a better chance of influencing your clients and turning them into loyal clients.

1.0 eBay Store

eBay stores have been updated regularly to create a more user-friendly experience with cleaner designs. As a result, eBay included a Stores tab to its eBay Seller Hub. It makes it easier for customers to navigate stores.

1.1 Customize your eBay Store

Store customization is a new feature in eBay store upgrades that allows you to customize your store’s branding. You may now incorporate your store logo and a distinctive banner update in your store’s design. eBay has also added an “About” option where you can submit information for your brand and share your company’s narrative with customers. eBay will now provide a link to your store and a logo in your listings, making it easy for customers to find you.

1.2 Become a Store Hub Featured Product

The new eBay update 2021 is fantastic for merchants. You can promote your store on the Store Hub. To begin with, it will make the stores more available and accessible than ever before. Second, eBay claims that if you completely design your store, it has a chance of being featured.

1.3 Newsletter

On eBay, customers can add your store to their top list. Buyers can now choose whether or not to subscribe to your newsletters as part of the eBay fall seller upgrade.

With the seller update, using the eBay store newsletter becomes much more accessible. The new tool allows you to create newsletters in a matter of minutes. All you have to do now is choose a pre-made template, customize it, and submit it.

2.0 Performance of the eBay Seller Hub

The eBay seller hub is updated with new features that make it easier to run your business. eBay is releasing a Listing Quality report and a Sales report to keep you on track with your performance indicators.

2.1 Report on Listing Quality

The Listing Quality Report is available for download. It includes recommendations as well as specific activities you should do to improve your listings. You may now compare your performance to that of your competition, thanks to the new update.

2.2 Report on Sales

You may now filter purchases by “Year to Date” thanks to eBay’s fall seller update. You may also use Promoted Listings or offers to filter sales and examine sales records dating back up to a year.

Soon, eBay wants to provide Sales insight based on the auction and set price and Buyer insights, which will allow you to see how many new buyers, repeat buyers, and total buyers you receive.

3. eBay Seller Hub Investigations

eBay Seller Hub has received a significant update that allows you to improve your product search and gives you more control over your account manager than before.

C. Update to the eBay User Agreement

From October 8, 2021, all existing eBay sellers will be subject to the new eBay User Agreement. It will also update the previous eBay User Agreement, which has been in effect since April 2, 2021.


While we all know how great the Spring Seller Update 2021 was, the eBay Fall Seller Update 2021 exceeded our expectations with its excellent updates.

The most intriguing eBay fall seller changes include Promoted Listings Advanced, the most eye-catching new feature that appears to assist sellers in marketing their products. Meanwhile, the Stores’ upgrades make it a more appealing alternative for sellers looking to enhance their brand awareness and broaden their reach on eBay. With these upgrades, you should consider opening a business!

The updates are designed to make you unique and distinguish your brand. In addition, eBay updated the eBay user agreement, bringing it up to date with the previous amendments made on April 2, 2021.

It would be fantastic to hear your thoughts on the update. Please share your thoughts and comments in the box below!



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