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Exposed: 5 Professional eBay Shipping Tips Beginners Needs to Know to Succeed

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Understanding the fundamentals of eBay shipping is only the starting. You can start studying how to ship on eBay like an expert once you’ve mastered the basics. Here are five sophisticated eBay shipping ideas to help you get ahead of the pack.

1. Take advantage of inventory management software.

The more profitable you are on eBay, the more difficult it is to manage your finances. More sales imply more goods to store, more shipments to monitor, more customers to follow, and more returns and queries to handle. If you sell on other sites in addition to eBay, those figures can easily double or triple.

Instead of hiring more employees, automated inventory and order management technology allow you to keep top of things for a fraction of the cost.

You may build shipping templates to fast-track orders, batch-print mailing labels, merge USPS labels into a single scan form, and include remarks for logistics employees on special orders, in addition to managing all of your stores and listings under one master platform.

2. Select delivery confirmation as an option.

Customers aren’t all saints, as established online sellers know. If you’re not careful, you could allow buyers to take advantage of you by saying that a parcel never arrived, for example.

This is an interesting fix to avoid with delivery confirmations, which certify when a shipment is delivered. Even better, most USPS services include free delivery confirmation and tracking:

• Priority Mail service.

• Priority Mail Express is a service that allows you to send mail quickly.

• Select a parcel.

• Press Releases.

• Business Class (packages only).

First-class mail and overseas shipping are the only exceptions (which is why we recommended DHL International for foreign orders).

You may take it a step further with trademark confirmation for very important things. It’s simple to counter fraudulent claims because having a signature is as close as you can come to iron-clad confirmation of shipment arrivals. This is especially essential for payments made through PayPal; unless you have signature confirmation, PayPal can withdraw money from your account to provide a refund on a claim.

3. Is it more than $50? Invest in insurance.

You don’t always have to worry about troubles with purchasers; sometimes, you just have bad fortune. By no fault of your own, items can be delayed, destroyed, or altogether lost. That’s why, for more expensive things – anything over $50, in our opinion — we suggest purchasing insurance.

The United States Postal Service offers a variety of insurance choices and security and confirmations. Priority Mail Express shipments normally include up to $100 in insurance, whereas Priority Mail shipments typically include $50. Expect to pay a varying fee based on the worth of the material for other services.

4. Use unique packaging and packing slips to improve branding.

It’s not only about nickels and dimes for eBay shipping optimisation. As we mentioned before, shipping yourself allows you more branding, marketing, and customer service possibilities.

The packing slip is the most advantageous feature. Packing slips are required to guarantee that the order is correct and everything is in the box, particularly if the shipping label is destroyed or covered.

Packing slips, on the other hand, provide excellent branding chances. You can send personalised remarks to customers, which can increase their loyalty. Stock messages can also be used to promote impending promotions, new items, special policies, or anything else you want your customers to know about your company. At the very least, you should employ your logo to reinforce brand identification.

5. Increase the product price to include free shipping.

While we recognise that free delivery reduces your profit per transaction, the benefits should result in more sales to offset the expense. It’s easier to think of it as psychological rather than logical action. Customers would rather buy a $25 item with free shipping than a $20 one with $5 postage. It makes no sense from an objective standpoint, but it makes sense from a human standpoint: delivery charges appear to be tagged on, but production costs are less changeable.


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