Exposed: Try Out These Five Amazing Features of Alexa You Never Exist

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Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri can do a lot more than you realize, notably if you haven’t looked in with them in a long time. These third-party apps are known as skills by Amazon, and the Alexa Skills store now has over 100,000 of them. So, how many would we use in the end?

Many of these talents are useless, but Alexa is capable of much more than monitoring the weather, switching on the lights, and ordering takeout. We’ve compiled a list of the top Alexa skills to test if you have an Echo speaker or another Alexa-enabled gadget. Open the Alexa app’s skills store to locate new capabilities or say the correct voice command to enable them automatically.

Take command of your console.

Voice commands were added to Microsoft’s system with the premiere of Xbox One, but they didn’t catch on, and they’ve been mostly missing since. It’s finally modernized with the Xbox Alexa Skill. You can use the talent to turn your Xbox on and off, start games, control volume, request clips are recorded, and even throw a party with your pals without having to use your hands. This fully-featured talent allows you to dodge around your Xbox without having to stop what you’re doing.

Take advantage of Amazon Prime.

While Amazon Prime currently offers a wide range of benefits, such as speedier delivery and access to Prime Video, Alexa can help you get even more value from your membership. “Alexa, what are your bargains?” unlocks this Alexa skill, which aids in tracking the progress of your orders, adding items to your shopping cart, acquiring knowledge about Prime-exclusive deals, and asking more specific questions like “Alexa, what are the most common earbuds?”

Check things off your to-do list.

Todoist is one of the most useful organizational applications available, allowing you to organize your life into to-do lists and providing a wealth of information about how you’re doing day to day — including a convenient calendar view. It’s also one of Alexa’s top skills, allowing you to add intuitive speech interaction to your daily tasks. You may add items to your numerous to-do lists, ask what you’re up to, and check off activities you’ve finished using the Todoist Alexa ability.

Help out in the kitchen if you can.

Alexa can convert metric measurements, such as two cups to millilitres or how much a cup of flour weighs, in addition to creating shopping lists, searching for recipes, and setting timers. If you’re burning calories, it can help you figure out how many calories you’re consuming – at least for some foods. For example, you may ask Alexa, “Alexa, how many calories are in a roast chicken?” After you’ve finished cooking, you’ll want to know what wine to serve with your meal. There are a variety of apps that allow you to keep track of what you eat and drink. Simply inform Alexa of your daily meals.

Make a wise routine for your home.

You may use Amazon’s Routines function to train Alexa to complete specific tasks by uttering a single command. For example, saying “Alexa, goodnight” may turn off your lights, TV, and downstairs heating system. If you want Alexa to turn on the lights, read you the weather report, and then start your favourite playlist in the morning, you may establish a distinct routine. To create a new routine, go to the Alexa app’s Routines section and select the “When this happens” option to add the phrase and actions.


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