Five free ASIN Lookup Tool for Amazon every seller should use

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ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. The Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool locates and extracts rival keywords from an Amazon product listing. To acquire the product’s ASIN, copy and paste the ASIN or URL into the Amazon Reverse ASIN search tool. All keywords from the product listing, as well as those indexed for the product on search engines like Google and Yahoo, are extracted using the Reverse ASIN tool.


ASINs are a unique identification number for each product listed on Amazon. Without one, your products aren’t eligible for listing on the site. For ASIN code lookup of any product on Amazon, you can use an Amazon ASIN lookup tool. You can find it in the product information segment at the bottom of the product detail page. The following sections contain information related to ASINs.


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An ASIN number is the last set of numbers on the search bar. It helps Amazon display specific products in search results. When you create a new product listing on Amazon, be sure to include the correct ID number. If you don’t, your product will never appear in search results. For ASIN number lookup on Amazon, log into your account. Then, you’ll see a list of all products with an associated ASIN number. If your product has two ASINs, you’ll need a separate ASIN number for each one.


Reverse ASIN lookup


A reverse ASIN lookup is a great way to increase the number of visitors to your product pages, improve your chances of appearing in Amazon Recommendations and Search, and earn more profits. It is also possible to spy on your competitors’ keyword rankings to make your PPC campaign more effective. To lookup a product’s ASIN number, you must first know its description and title. This will help you find the product quickly. ASIN finder will allow you to find the correct product with the correct ASIN. You can also check the ASIN of an existing product using amazon seller lookup to find out the seller’s reputation. It’s easy to find the seller’s ASIN with this ASIN tool.


You may find it helpful to know that ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. The competitor keyword search lookup tool selects relevant phrases associated with your product listing and provides them to you using this unique ten-digit identification.


The word “relevance” refers to how Amazon determines the millions of items in its marketplace database. The tool aids Amazon merchants in determining which phrases their competitors are using. You may boost your rating in search results and on specific product listings by focusing on these keywords, drawing more consumers.



Create a complete report using the Amazon ASIN Lookup Tool to help you examine the product, its success factors, and prospective sales growth. The Amazon ASIN search report may help you figure out:


Figures based on daily sales and revenue estimates


The cost of PPC advertising and the conditions of the campaigns that were used


Amazon’s keyword recommendations, as well as phrases that are presently trending


Profits and expenses incurred as a result of FBA.


A set of keywords with a large number of searches that have been utilized.


Keyword rankings and trends.


The general quality of the listings, as well as areas where they may be improved.



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The Benefits of Conducting Amazon Reverse ASIN search tools


Competitor analysis is a popular strategy in the realms of product knowledge and e-commerce. You may better understand the phrases that your competitors are using and their Amazon search engine optimization strategy by doing this kind of Amazon search. Amazon sellers may learn a lot about their rivals’ goods and sellers by checking their keyword search ranking. Furthermore, employing a reverse ASIN lookup tool may help you better grasp your word indexing.


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The Amazon ASIN search tool is a significant feature for sellers. Instead of manually visiting and researching your competitors’ product websites and going through bullet points, the device saves time and effort. Unless your product’s rivals have significant search traffic, it’s a no-brainer to keep your research time and put it to greater use in other aspects of your marketing strategy.


You must follow the procedures outlined above to identify which keywords your competitors are targeting. You can determine which valuable and practical keywords you should employ on your product pages and in PPC advertisements. You can improve the organic rankings of your Amazon products by knowing this.


Using a reverse ASIN search tool, you can quickly find hundreds of relevant keywords, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any valuable keywords. The option to follow the performance of your competitors and identify opportunities to exceed them is also accessible.




The top five ASIN lookup tools are as follows:


1. Helium 10 Cerebro


Cerebro is accessible for free to Helium 10 users, with premium alternatives available. You may explore more search phrases by performing more daily searches with a subscription plan, saving you money. You may also utilize the Cerebro IQ Score feature on their website.


Allow us to explain what Cerebro’s Score is for those of you who are curious. The score is based on the Helium 10 method in this instance, and it evaluates the opportunity that a particular product provides to the consumer. A higher grade point average is equal to a higher number. The score for keywords is determined by the ratio of search volume to competing things located on the internet.


2. AMZScout Keyword Tracker


There’s a reason why AMZScout Keyword Tracker has over 10,000 registered users. It allows you to see how keywords rank in detail, including information about their page and their position in search results in real-time. By looking at the keyword graphs, you can see how the term’s position has changed over time, whether it’s been hours or days.


You can also observe how listing qualities affect ranks, allowing you to go deeper and fully optimize your Amazon SEO, as well as your PPC advertisements and other platforms’ marketing. This is one of the few free resources available on the internet these days. It’s accessible as a Chrome extension, and it’s gotten a lot of positive comments.

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3. Competitor Intelligence


This tool does a thorough study and monitoring of your competitors’ keywords to get high results. Competitor Intelligence also alerts users to terms they should be ranking but aren’t included on their product page.


The measures of competing commodities and providers are the focus of comparative intelligence. You may set up several alerts to alert you to things like changes in search rankings, pricing adjustments, customer reviews, sponsored advertising placement, and the number of sales made. As a result, you can get a complete view of how your competitors do business.


It’s ideal for market monitoring and listing optimization since it enables you to spot opportunities to gain market share control where others have failed.


4. SellerApp


SellerApp now offers clients access to expert advice and counselling, making it a complete solution. You may refine your keyword research by considering factors such as keyword search traffic, estimated PPC costs, and impression rates, among others. 


The algorithm also generates a relevance score for each phrase, which is shown on a graph. Rather than simply viewing the keywords and getting some basic ranking statistics, you may go deeper into each term to better understand the words you want to rank for.


5. Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is a complete tool with built-in features that enable you to optimize your Amazon SEO and PPC campaigns in a variety of ways, in addition to providing professional assistance. It helps merchants increase their Amazon sales by doing keyword research and optimizing their listings. It is one of the most popular Amazon tools. Jungle Scout understands the importance of using all of the keyword phrases to create a connection between your customers and your products.


The data from the reverse ASIN search engine is utilized in this Jungle Scout application to aid users in designing their marketing and advertising plan. With Keyword Scout, you can expect an intelligent search since it will provide you with a relevant list of your product and speciality.




If you have an Amazon Brand Registration, you may do a reverse ASIN search using Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA). This approach will only show you ASINs that rank in the top three products for at least one search query. Many third-party seller solutions automate reverse ASIN searches that can be purchased on the market.


Despite their similarities, each of these programs has something unique to offer individuals interested in reverse ASINs. Cerebro and Competitor Intelligence seem to have a more reputable and distinguished reputation when compared to Keyword Scout and Keyword Inspector.


Before you make a selection, be sure the software you choose offers the most comprehensive package to match your company’s needs. Knowing that your money and data are being moved to a safe place is crucial. By using these modern technologies, you may be able to edge over your competitors in the Amazon marketplace.



If you are an online Amazon seller, then you must have an intelligent tool that will guide your business towards success by targeting the brand story, right keyword, products research, analyzing competitors, fba calculator and so much more. Get your ticket to success today!

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