2022 Guide to Amazon Vine Program

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Amazon’s Vine program hand-picks an illustrious team of Amazon reviewers to try new and pre-release merchandise before they reach the market. Each reviewer, or “Vine Voice,” is vetted and must meet specific criteria to be accepted for the initiative.

These Vine Voices receive free items from various vendors who also participate in the Vine program if chosen. These Voices are tasked with testing these new products, reviewing their gratification and quality, and sharing their thoughts on Amazon for other consumers to see before purchasing the same product.

Amazon created the Vine program to battle the proliferation of fake comments on its platform. Amazon is riddled with fake or deceitful reviews, which frequently harm the Amazon marketplace as a whole.

False reports may contribute to poor sales, higher return rates, and reduced client satisfaction. Fake reviews can harm a seller’s sales and even eliminate an item before it hits the market. Amazon can offer clients authentic reviews with the Vine program while also helping sellers and their products get off to a good start.

How Do I Enroll in Amazon’s Vine Program?

Amazon’s Vine program, as previously stated, in particular. Product reviewers can only participate in the program after achieving a specific reviewer Ranking threshold.

Being helpful to other consumers is the key to increasing your Reviewer Ranking and becoming qualified for the Vine program. This could include composing engaging and enlightening product reviews, offering honest feedback to sellers, uploading product photos, and responding to questions in the Q&A section.

The Vine Program’s Advantages

The Vine program has numerous advantages for both reviewers and sellers! The prominent advantage for reviewers is free entry to new and even pre-release products. If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper, this could be a dream come true! 

You not only get free products, but you also get to help other customers like yourself. Amazon customers rely on your feedback to make informed purchasing decisions. Your reviews, whether you realize it or not, help others!

The advantages of the Vine program are even suitable for Amazon sellers and vendors! As a seller, you may be wondering why you should bother with the Vine program. Doesn’t that imply I’d have to give away free products?

While there are some initial costs, the long-term advantages of the Vine program can propel your brand into Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank. The truth is that it is tough to launch a new and effective product on Amazon. New products have few to no sales and almost certainly no product reviews. In addition to low metrics if they have little product awareness or acknowledgment.

The Vine scheme produces genuine product reviews. Sellers and vendors can submit their goods to the Vine program before they are officially released. The program will provide critical early feedback and help your product get off to a good start. You’re more likely to have more awareness and sales if you have more reviews. Not to mention, Vine Voices are Amazon’s top reviewers! It’s never a bad thing to have an influencer advertise and endorse your product!

Amazon Vine Updates and Improvements in 2022

1. Easier fulfillment

As previously stated, rather than requiring the supplier to send Vine units to a Vine sorting facility at the time of enlistment, Amazon will use stock that they already have on hand, and you will fund Vine-enrolled teams. The good news is that no more Vine labeling, lost units, delays in transit, or unclaimed units will be destroyed. Amazon will charge you for the cost of the units shipped to Vine Voices. Easy!

2. Parent ASIN registration

Vendors can now register up to 30 units of a parent ASIN and choose which versions to include in the enrollment. Vine Voices can then select their preferred variation, eliminating the need for you to assume which variety they like.

3. Fees for enrollment

Irrespective of the number of variations included, Amazon will charge you for each parent ASIN enrolled. Simultaneously, they establish the application fee across all sections to $1,750 per enlisted parent ASIN.

4. Control of a brand

You must be an Amazon Brand Registry member and the brand investor for the ASIN you attempt to register in the scheme.

5. Eligibility of the item

Amazon can broaden item suitability by utilizing current inventory across the Amazon fulfillment network. This means improved approval for heavy-bulky and hazardous-materials items and fewer regulations based on item features. As long as the units are already connected to Amazon’s network, they are eligible for Vine enrollment. Direct fulfillment is not currently supported.

6. Maximum number of active enrollments

When you register an ASIN in Vine, it qualifies toward the currently open registration limit of five and remains active until voided with no orders or concluded. Enrollments end after 90 days from admissions or the scheduled start date, if one is set, or when all units have been reviewed.

7. Better design and usability

With new pages, design features, and a better flow, Amazon has enhanced the Vine user experience. They focused on providing crucial data within the Vine tool by including a widget that explains what each field means. They also added voucher information to improve transparency about available price reductions, if any, and simplified the registration process.

Eligibility for the Amazon Vine Program

When it first made its debut, the Amazon Vine program was designed to assist Vendors in increasing sales and marketing on new products. However, as of 2019, Sellers who meet the requirements criteria can also participate in the Amazon Vine program. Amazon modified the program slightly in May 2021, deciding to pull products from sellers’ existing inventory. The vendor or sellers will then fund the Vine-enrolled units.

Previously, Amazon required Vendors and Sellers to ship Vine units to a Vine distribution center at the time of registration.

Business Prerequisites

An Amazon Seller Central professional account must be created and defined.

Amazon Brand Registry must be used to register the company.

To qualify, the items must be registered in FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

Product Specifications

The product detail pages must have fewer than 30 reviews.

Must be available in ‘New’ condition through FBA.

Inventory must be available.

The product listing must be fully optimized, with all required image(s), title, bullet points, and description.

The item must have already been released at the time of enrollment.

Exclusions and Restrictions on Products

No adult products are permitted.

Products will be excluded if Amazon is required to combine multiple products for delivery and review.

Product will be rejected if it does not match the exact product listed on the FBA offers.

Products that would necessitate an Amazon Vine reviewer ordering another product to conduct a review are not permitted. Accessories for widely used products such as iPhones and Android devices, on the other hand, are allowed.


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