Helium 10: What is it, How to Use, Pros, Cons, and Alternative

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Helium 10:  Pros, Cons, and Alternative

Helium 10 is yet another X-ray Amazon product research tool used by thousands of users globally. Helium 10 UK is also quite popular among users in the United Kingdom and you can log in or create an account with the helium tool via


You can start using Amazon Helium 10 for your product research needs paying no price when you are on Helium 10 free trial. Although we have looked into Helium 10 in brief, you might continue to have the question, what is helium 10? You would also be wondering what will be Helium pricing, how to use Helium 10 for free, and you could even think about who owns Helium 10, and what is Helium 10’s revenue. 


Understanding your requirements, we have created this in-depth guide that will answer all the questions from A to Z related to Helium 10 for you. So, you can decide if Helium 10 is the right tool for your x-ray Amazon product research and to make a passive income on Amazon. 

Let’s get started!


What is Helium 10?


X-ray Helium 10 is a tool that can make the life of an Amazon seller easy. By installing Helium 10 chrome extension x-ray, you can enhance your profit and find buyers for your items. When you install the Helium 10 chrome extension on your device, you will receive a suite that contains 20+ tools that can help with Amazon product research, where you can find insights on different products while you are on different Amazon pages. This Helium 10 free chrome extension can make your life easy. However, the Helium 10 free trial isn’t available for long and you will have to purchase the premium version to get the best features, like the Amazon KW index and rank tracker.


Helium 10 is an Amazon FBA software that can be beneficial for sellers who have numerous private listings. Helium 10 can provide you with features that can enhance your business and profitability to the next level.

Helium 10 Pricing



Well, before we move any further with the discussion of Helium 10 portals, it will be beneficial to look into Helium 10 price and if Helium 10 provides a free trial to its users. Although you can obtain Helium 10 free trial, it has very limited features and you have to opt for paid plans like Starter, Platinum, and Diamond for a better user experience.


The starter plan is $29 per month. Here, the features are limited to up to two tokens for Walmart and Amazon. Although there is no monthly expert training or other advanced features, you have access to a freedom ticket as part of this plan. You will also receive a Helium 10 chrome extension x-ray with this plan. It has a Helium 10 black box of 20 uses with listing optimization tools like Frankenstein, Index checker, listing analyzer, etc. However, here, the number of uses you receive is low.


Next, the platinum plan works well for growing businesses as it also furnishes Helium 10 freedom ticket. It has an x-ray Helium 10, and a Helium 10 index checker as well, which is yet another sought-out feature of this product. Here, there are marketing, analytics, operations, listing optimization, keyword research, product research, and other account features too that can make your life easy. The Helium 10 pricing for this account is $84 per month. Having a Helium 10 promo code can be beneficial while you opt for any of Helium 10 price plans.


Another pricing plan is the Helium 10 diamond plan, it offers the freedom ticket Helium 10 with monthly expert training. Product research, keyword research, listing optimization, operations, analytics, marketing, which includes Adtmonic, portals landing page builder, portals QR code generator, portals product inserts, etc. 


Apart from that, there is the elite plan, which provides tailor-made services for sellers with quarterly in-person workshops, live monthly online training with top industry experts, and access to elite private Facebook groups. If you have grown beyond the plans mentioned by Helium 10 pricing list, you can opt for a custom plan as well after discussing it with Helium 10 customer support. If you have Helium 10 discount codes, it can be easier for you to save money while purchasing this tool. These are the different Helium 10 plans available for users.


How to Use Helium 10?

Well, if you are new to Helium 10, you can find Helium 10 dashboard intriguing. But, once you get a hang of the Helium account after Helium 10 login or Helium 10 sign-in, using the platform won’t be challenging.


You have to sign up for your free Helium 10 account and register to use the tool. Here, you don’t have to provide your credit card details. You can opt for Helium 10 cancel subscription whenever you think you want to discontinue using the platform. After creating your free Helium 10 account, you will reach the Helium 10 dashboard. Here, you can find product research tools like Helium 10 black box, keyword research tools like Helium 10 cerebro, and Helium 10 asin grabber. 


There are other listing optimization tools, operations, analytics, marketing features, etc. However, you don’t have to dive into all of these tools initially. You can focus on Amazon product research tools via Helium 10 extension based on your requirements. The next step is to find the Helium 10 free chrome extension from the chrome web store.


Here, it will be beneficial to engage in Helium 10 free training initiatives as well as to understand how to use this platform with ease. It is also helpful to sign up for the Freedom ticket course as part of the Helium 10 tutorial. 


Once you have set up your Helium 10 software suite, you are ready to start selling. So, by following these simple steps, you can kick start your journey and sell on Amazon without inventory. You can perform research and find out answers to queries like should Ii sell on Amazon or my own website. Now, we will delve into the details of the different Helium 10 portals, their features, pros, and cons. It will help you decide if Helium 10 is the right place to create your Amazon seller success stories in the UK.


Helium 10 Features


There are different features associated with Helium 10 that can help Amazon sellers. They range from Helium Cerebro to analyzing inventory levels. Using this Amazon product research tool, you can move a step ahead in your journey as an Amazon reseller. 


Helium Cerebro is a tool that comes with a Helium 10 extension that can help find keyword suggestions. It is a Helium 10 keyword finder tool that can help find competitors. Through this tool, you can look into Cerebro’s IQ score, refine your search, find competing products, and how much this entire process of selling on Amazon costs you. Therefore, with the Helium website or Helium10 extension, you can move ahead in your journey as an Amazon FBA seller.


Ever wondered how much money does Amazon make a day? Well, most of you might have. Frankenstein is yet another keyword generator tool that helps modify your keywords based on the parameters you select. Through this, you can SEO optimize your listing easily and reach out to more users. This tool can be an Amazon copywriting machine that can make your life easier.


Helium 10 Black Box is yet another tool that can help perform detailed research, including competition, monthly sales, search volume, and other factors. Using this Helium 10 Black Box, you can delve into granular details, engage in brainstorming, and find alternative products with ease.


Helium 10 has become one of the best online arbitrage tools for Amazon users because of its yet another feature called scribbles Helium 10. Using this tool, you can optimize your Amazon listings without worrying about manually tracking any keywords. Through this, you can remove the keywords from x-ray Helium that don’t help you grow your business. 


Apart from this, there are other features included in this tool, like a keyword rank tracker, refund tracker, inventory protectors, hijacker alert, etc. With the Helium10 extension, you get X-rays, Helium 10 ASIN grabber, which assists in Amazon ASIN lookup, profitability calculator, inventory levels, review downloader, etc.


Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, fba calculator and so on.




Pros of Using Helium 10

Here, we will look into the benefits of using the Helium 10 extension for your Amazon ASN lookup, Amazon X-Ray, Amazon product research, etc. The perks of using this tool include:


1. Setting up your profile on Helium 10 is easy and quick. You don’t have to make any payments or provide your credit or debit card details while signing up for Helium 10.


2. Although you might not manage the Amazon message center or send Amazon messages using this tool, you will receive an Amazon suite of tools that can make your life easy. However, this is a pro and a con for this tool. 


3. You can use the tool for online arbitrage and related purposes via Helium 10 chrome extension. It is as simple as setting up your Amz chrome extension, which is yet another Amazon product research tool.


4. Learning to use Helium 10 won’t be a hassle as there are training programs and related courses available for its users. There are 100s of resources as well that can help you understand Amazon trends, what is sales rank on Amazon, and several other related factors to help you build your business.


5. Apart from the Chrome extension, Helium 10 has a mobile application as well that can be beneficial for you.

Cons of Helium 10

All applications aren’t perfect. There will always be downsides for each of these platforms. Although this tool is efficient in providing services ranging from Amazon analytics to ASIN Amazon, meaning there are some issues with this Amazon FBA product research tool as well.


1. As mentioned Helium 10 has over 20+ tools available in it, which can be beneficial for some of you. But, if you are new to Amazon FBA, you won’t require these many tools to work on growing your business. It can become quite overwhelming for you, especially when you are a starter.

2. When you look at the monthly packages offered by Helium 10, they are expensive and can be beyond the budget of a new Amazon reseller.

3. If you opt for the free plan, you will only get limited features. These features might not be helpful for you in enhancing your growth and leading your way through Amazon trends.


Is Helium 10 Worth It? What are the Alternatives?


Well, if you would ask us if Helium 10 extension is worth installing, it depends upon your requirements. If you run an enterprise with several products and sales happening regularly, Helium 10 can be worth an investment. But, if you are a small business or just starting up, Helium 10 might not be the best solution for beginners. It is when you can opt for alternatives like Asinwiser. Tools like Asinwiser are created by keeping small business owners and solopreneurs in mind. This tool can be an excellent option for you to perform product research, Amazon keyword search, etc. So, why not download the best alternative for Helium 10 and give it a shot? Click here to incorporate Asinwiser into your journey!