5 Helpful Ways to Respond to Amazon if Your Account Gets Suspended

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5 Helpful Ways to Respond to Amazon if Your Account Gets Suspended


A Seller Account plays a vital role for Amazon Sellers. Moreover, their business gets stuck and gets negatively affected with a suspended account. Moreover, it causes frustration in sellers when this situation occurs. 


In this article, we have discussed how you can handle this situation and respond to Amazon if your account gets suspended. 


Let’s begin.


Keep Patience


It is obvious to feel rage during this time. However, you have to remain calm in this situation. Moreover, lashing out on social media or threatening Seller Performance will not help you. So, it is important to take responsibility for this situation. And make sure you acknowledge this concern in a professional manner. 


In addition, playing the blame game is a waste of time. Therefore, keep in mind that this is your one chance to reclaim your account. So, make sure to be calm and cool and take the right steps to make this situation right again.  


Examine and Resolve 


First, do a quick due cleaning. So, make sure to resolve any outstanding tickets. And, then you need to check and implement ways that can help you to enhance your account’s status. Furthermore, when Amazon begins analyzing your appeal and account, you don’t want them to mistrust your worth as a seller.


Plan of Action (POA)


Make a POA, or action plan.

When writing a POA, consider the following questions:


●What is the core problem?


What steps can you implement to resolve the problem?


Through what ways does that situation not occur again?


Learn Suspension Reason


Here is the list of the most typical grounds for an Amazon seller account suspension are as follows:


Keep in mind that the following performance goals must be met and maintained:


Cancellation rate prior to fulfillment: 2.5 percent.


Order failure rate: less than 1%.


Infringing on Amazon’s policies. Either you’re selling an illegal item or you’ve broken Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct.


4% of shipments arrive late.


Customer communication is lacking. Moreover, Amazon is a customer-focused firm. So, disregarding their most important asset is a bad decision.


Send Amazon your letter of appeal


The next step is to send the suspension appeal letter to Seller Performance. Then check again for review before sending it to them. Moreover, check the right address so that you can post it. 


In addition, take a look at the account suspension notice you received from them. Furthermore, at the bottom of the letter, click the ‘Appeal decision’ button. Next, fill out the form completely, double-check it, then click ‘Submit Appeal.’


Amazon will respond to your request


You will receive an email response. Hopefully, it’s the one you’ve been hoping for.


Finally, Amazon only wants the best for its consumers, and it’s your obligation as a seller to deliver great service that goes above and beyond. Moreover, if you read Amazon’s Seller Code of Conduct and keep an eye on your account’s health, you can avoid this awful situation.


Await a response


Unfortunately, you will not receive a response instantly. Also, note that Amazon’s decision usually takes up to 48 hours to respond back. Moreover, be patient in this process as Amazon is dealing with thousands of customers. Moreover, avoid writing repeated letters or status inquiries to Amazon. It would not help to speed up the process. 


We hope this article will help you to handle the Amazon account suspension situation.


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