Here’s All You Need to Know About Amazon UPC Codes

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Here’s All You Need to Know About Amazon UPC Codes


There are certain elements to learn when you want to sell on the online eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. In this article, we have discussed UPC Codes that help to identify products while selling them online. 


We have covered UPC Codes, its advantages, and how you can purchase UPC Codes. Let’s start. 


Definition: UPC Codes 


The full form of UPC means Universal Product Code. It works the same as the barcode that you find on products. Further, it is a unique 12-digits code that is assigned to products on the Amazon platform. Moreover, UPC codes help to identify products from one another to sell on the Amazon marketplace globally. 


In addition, UPC codes are unique and simple. And, it will help to identify products on scanning along with related information about the product. 


Advantages of UPC Codes


Following is the list of advantages of UPC Codes. Check out:


They assist vendors and buyers in rapidly identifying and cataloguing each product.


When products/consignments are in transit during shipping. Further, it becomes much easier to trace them.


UPC codes make inventory management and tracking much easier.


The codes make it easy to locate merchandise in warehouses and on the internet.


Ways to Purchase UPC Codes


Here is the list on how you can purchase UPC Codes. Let’s learn about it in detail:


The first and foremost thing you should do is join GS1 US and receive your GS1 Company Prefix certificate. Furthermore, it is completed in order to obtain your Company Prefix. It is further a unique 6-digit code mentioned in the preceding section. 


Many business owners make the mistake of purchasing this prefix from third-party dealers. And, they further resell it in bulk. Moreover, when Amazon discovers that your UPC does not match the one recorded in the GS1 database. Then, it disrupts the chain of authority and jeopardises the authenticity of your brand. As a result, purchasing the GS1 code directly from their website is strongly suggested.


The remaining steps are nearly identical to those outlined previously. Next, you have to assign your company prefix a unique product number. Further, you can use any numbering system you like as long as it’s unique to each product you want to sell on Amazon. Moreover, create the UPC code for the 12-digit GTIN after you get it.


Further, you must also decide how the barcodes will be displayed on your goods. However, if you haven’t yet designed your product’s label/packing. Then, you can obtain a digital barcode and print it directly on the labelling and packaging of your goods. In addition, if you already have your design and packaging figured out, you can get barcode label stickers to attach on your goods.


Ordering your Amazon UPC codes is the final step. Furthermore, there are numerous third-party sites, such as Snap UPC. Then, it is always preferable to contact a GS1 solutions partner. Moreover, these companies are GS1 accredited and are well-versed in the industry’s standards. In addition, you may quickly browse the whole list of solution providers and choose a partner that you believe is the best fit for your company.


All in All 


Understanding Amazon UPC Codes is highly crucial for online business. However, you might have some issues if you do not apply to UPC codes for your products to sell online. We hope this article helped you to understand all about UPC Codes and other aspects. Happy Selling!



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