Holiday strategies to opt for Amazon sellers in 2022

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The Christmas rush of 2022 is coming, creating a sense of urgency among consumers and companies. Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve are all approaching. But wait, there’s still time for merchants to capitalize on Amazon’s holiday offers to improve fourth-quarter sales.

It’s beginning to feel like the Christmas shopping season has begun! We’ve put together this Amazon holiday strategy guide with suggestions on operating a flawless operation, advertising considerations, and fantastic creative strategies to help you and your business flourish.

The Best Way to Prepare for Amazon sellers in 2022

Due to COVID-19’s worldwide, consumers’ buying habits have shifted to e-commerce mainly towards Amazon. Although the pandemic has impacted traditional brick-and-mortar stores hard, buying has surged. Unsurprisingly, the Christmas season is the most lucrative period for an Amazon seller.

Sellers must gear up and be ready to deal with the increasing demand and the 2022 selling frenzy. When it comes to 2022 planning, suppliers make a few common mistakes. Watch this video to learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

Consumers are beginning to plan their shopping earlier and earlier. The more purchases they can spread out, the less financial burden they will face at any one moment. Consequently, you should optimize your account from top to bottom as soon as feasible in 2022. Cleaning up your account regularly should be part of your healthy habits, but if you’ve been setting it off, now is the time to get started.

These guidelines will help ensure that your brand is prepared for the holiday season

1. Keep an eye on your product feeds

The first step is to provide your consumers with accurate information. It’s critical to maintain the data in your live product feed up to date, significantly if your pricing and availability often fluctuate throughout the Christmas season. Consider utilizing Google Merchant Center’s Product Data Alerts feature if something unexpected happens, and a certain percentage of your items is removed.

2. Make preparations ahead of time

Always have a fourth-quarter strategy in place and start planning forward. Begin designing your 2022 system in July at the absolute least. Take into consideration the lengthier lead times that will be experienced throughout the Christmas season, and begin preparing your marketing and advertising efforts before the fourth quarter begins!

COVID-19 has already influenced the global supply chain. This will only become worse as the Christmas shopping season progresses. Make contact with your supplier to discuss the additional inventory you’ll need, as well as the longer freight and lead times that will be required.

3. When it comes to supply chain stress, be proactive.

Product availability is top-of-mind for businesses selling on Amazon this Christmas season, as supply chain strain continues to be a global issue. Consider using FBM or direct fulfilment as a backup option to ensure you have adequate inventory on Amazon for Cyber 5 and the rest of the Christmas season. If you’re not selling on Amazon, be sure to include shipping information in your ad wording.

Use material that advertises your product availability and inventory to urge people to purchase. Countdown clocks may be used to show customers how much time they have left to buy so that their present appears in time for the holidays.

4. Improve the look of product listings.

It’s time to get started on your listings once you’ve laid out a strategy and double-checked that you have enough inventory. Make sure you’re utilizing the right keywords in all of your listings. Examine your product photographs and descriptions, and do A/B testing to see how you can boost clicks and conversions before the quarter ends. Continue to experiment with different primary photos and headlines for product listings until you discover the one that converts the best.

If you’re a brand registered on Amazon, spend some time upgrading your A+ content with relevant branding information and features. For the holidays, you may even make your A+ stuff festive.

5. Maximize your organic visibility

You can do a few elements ahead of time to ensure that your website’s SEO is in tip-top shape for the holidays, such as optimizing pages for products that are more likely to be given as gifts. Make sure any unique pages you create for email marketing are connected to your existing navigation or directed to the most relevant page following the event. Keep any seasonal pages rather than removing them and beginning again every year. Maintain the same page, keep it up to date, and link it from a permanent URL.

6. Be on the outlook for new products and trends.

Amazon is a dynamic marketplace that is constantly evolving. You must continually innovate and diversify your portfolio to be successful. Consider increasing your product line to grow your consumer base and revenue. Product research may help you keep up with shifting market demands while also enabling you to earn a profit.

Examine current fashion trends to find new items to add to your collection. The last thing you want in 2022 is a listing that isn’t optimized. Allow time before the big day to A/B test your listings.

7. Use personalization to create a personal relationship with your consumers.

Provide customers with personalized recommendations. Several websites add sections like “You Might Also Like” or “Customers Also Shopped For” on their product pages. If you haven’t done so before, activate it before the holidays to boost your average order value (AOV) for each order.

8. Get your PPC advertising up and running as quickly as feasible.

With the explosive growth of the e-commerce industry, merchants are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves. Fortunately, Amazon PPC enables merchants to market their products on and off the Amazon website.

Make sure you have a marketing strategy in place and run a few months ahead of time to increase your sales in 2022. You’ll need to run both automatic and manual campaigns to fine-tune your marketing efforts before October. While automated campaigns aren’t always the most efficient in ACoS, they are an excellent method to find high-converting keywords for your products.

9. Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness should be a crucial part of your PPC marketing if you have a private label. A Sponsored Brand ad will showcase your brand logo, a customized headline, and up to three of your goods.

You must be proactive in your marketing strategy and bid on your competitors’ brand identities. This will help your things show up when shoppers look for products comparable to those of your competitors. You may also advertise on the ASINs of your competitors.

10. Be on the lookout for the unexpected.

As a salesman, you can only do so much in preparation. 2022 may be an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. The most important thing for sellers to keep in mind is anticipating the unexpected. A vendor makes the highest money in the fourth quarter in most cases. However, things don’t always go as intended, so have a backup plan in place.


A solid foundation is required for a successful vacation strategy. Keep an eye on your product feeds, be proactive about supply chain strain, increase your organic presence, and utilize customization to ensure your firm is set up for success this Christmas season. It might be challenging to stand out in a sea of over 120 million products on Amazon. Don’t forget to spread Christmas happiness as you get ready for the holidays.



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