Hottest 5 Hacks to Boost your Online Business on eBay Platform

Hottest 5 Hacks to Boost your Online Business on eBay Platform

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eBay is one of the best eCommerce platforms for both buyers and sellers. Like Amazon’s algorithm, eBay holds the same story of the algorithm. Both of these eCommerce algorithms are unable to crack. However, we still have found ways how you can still be able to make it to the top of the eBay list. 


This article is curated to help you know the eBay hacks to grow your sales and business. Let’s begin. 

Top 5 Ways to Boost your Sales on eBay Platform 

Following is the list of best hacks to boost sales on eBay. Let’s find out:


The search engine of eBay is Cassini. However, no one is aware of how its algorithm works that could rank your product on the top list. Furthermore, it obtains numerous information and data before listing its products. It includes product information, shipping and delivery time, return policies, and more. Nevertheless, each listing will be assigned a score, which will be based on the overall data. Therefore, optimization of your product description is highly important. Check the following list to meet all the criteria:

  • The product title
  • Customer feedback 
  • Free shipping
  • Categories
  • Item specifications
  • Third-party traffic
  • Description 
  • Photos

Listing New Products

Posting new products regularly on eBay helps to boost sales. Moreover, new items will appear at the top list of ‘Newly Listed Search.’ Furthermore, you have to implement a few modifications to make the eBay algorithm believe that you posted new products. It can be done by modifying headlines or descriptions, end current listings, re-release items, and more. 

Minimizing Negative Feedbacks

To keep your product’s ranking and sales high on eBay, you have to make sure that your negative feedback responses are minimum. However, it is a daunting situation to achieve the best reviews. But you can still achieve it with the right customer service. Make sure to provide instant solutions to your customers and offer refunds in some cases as well. 

In case you have some negative reviews and you are looking for ways to delete them. Then you can two options by which you can delete your negative comments. The first option is to reach out to your buyer and request to discuss the negative review with them. It happens sometimes when customers leave positive feedback with a one-star rating. In that scenario, you have the chance to get a 5-star rating. The second method is to report the negative review to eBay if it seems suspicious or fake. 

Sharing Listings

Nowadays, many social media platforms are used to attract customers from all around the world. People love to browse and explore products on Pinterest. Also, Instagram has added the shopping option button. These attributes of social media could be utilized to get more visibility to your products and gain potential customers. 

In addition, you will find seller contact information such as Twitter, Phone number, email, Pinterest. You can share listings of your products on social media platforms. Furthermore, you can create a Facebook page for business, promote product videos, or join eBay groups to come under customer’s radar. It will further boost your visibility and sales. 

Selling at the Right Cost

Make sure you are selling your products at the right cost. It’s quite obvious that customers will incline towards deals and discounts to get cheaper products than expensive products. Therefore, you need to analyze the competitor’s price and product’s market value to stay ahead in the competition. In this way, you will attract the right customers to your business. 

All in All

We surely cannot crack the algorithm puzzle of eBay. But with the above-mentioned hacks, you can boost your sales and grow your business. From optimizing your product to selling at the right cost, you will definitely be able to run your business smoothly in the right direction. All you need to focus is on the right strategy and social media tools.


We hope this article will provide you with useful hacks on how to boost your online business sales on eBay! To make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!

Good Luck!