How can a social media influencer earn money from the Amazon Influencer Program?

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Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the e-commerce industry. Everyone wishes to earn money using Amazon and there are tons of ways to earn using Amazon’s marketplace. 

Apart from being a seller and selling a product on Amazon, you can earn also by becoming an Amazon Influencer’s program. Most people are accustomed to Amazon as a retailer and Amazon as a marketplace. A very few will be usual with the Amazon Affiliate program where, if you have a website, you can make money by driving traffic to Amazon. There is an additional program planned especially for social media influencers with a large following on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and that’s the Amazon Influencer Program.

If you are an influencer with a large social media following, Amazon has an influencer program that is the best way to earn money from social media platforms. Because social media influencers hold a strong influence who are experts in their field of study. 

This article will explain to you in detail about the Amazon Influencer program and how much you being a social media influencer earn. 

Amazon Influencer Program

Under this program, social media influencers enrol themselves in the program and when accepted become Amazon Influencer. This program directs social media traffic to Amazon using a unique affiliate link. When your audience makes a purchase then you earn a certain amount as profit. For this reason, keep your Amazon store updated with the latest and useful products which work the best in grabbing customer’s attention and compel them to hit the ‘add to cart button. If the customers make a purchase using your URL from 10% to 1%.

Hence, social media following plays a significant role, in the success of the Amazon Influencer program can help you take in good money through profit earned by promoting products on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page and your YouTube channel. The Amazon influencer program offers influencers a huge platform to monetize their social media followers. Social media influencers can earn up to 10% in commissions depending on the product type that their followers purchase.

How Do Amazon Influencers Get Paid? 

Social media influencers who participate in the Amazon Influencer Program earn profit from Amazon for becoming qualified purchases. Amazon Influencers earn a significant percentage of sales paid by Amazon. That’s why being an Amazon Influencer is the need of the hour. However, more or less the best Amazon Influencers are good at specifying sales on Amazon. Hence, they realized that they could also increase their revenue by accusing the product owners of placements on their websites, YouTube channels and wherever they have an audience. 

5 ways to Earn Money through Amazon Influencer Program like a pro

1. Increase your social media audience

If you don’t have an adequate number of social media followers and wish to earn money through the Amazon Influencer program, then you should first start growing your social media presence. One of the greatest means is to use paid ads and Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. On YouTube, you can use video ads and Twitter is also an option to promote via ads. The only thing to keep in mind is detailed targeting on social media.

2. Post useful and targeted content daily

If you are a social media influencer, post useful and targeted content on a daily basis, then you can reach a wider audience.  Consequently, it is your responsibility to provide value in your content and focus to become an authority within your niche. 

3. Track Your Sales

One thing Amazon has learned from its Influencer program is the ability to track sales. It can track your sales and has come to Amazon via your store to make a buy. When a customer buys something from the URL then Amazon will give you your share and keep theirs. Hence, in this way you can keep track of all your sales on a reporting tab within your Amazon store. It comprises full details of your sales, bounties, payments, fees, and any transaction information.

4. Add other social media links to your Amazon store page

Social media is the essential constituent if you want to earn money through the Amazon Influencer program. Hence, employing SEO tactics to any website will not only draw targeted audiences and convert them to your social media followers. If you don’t have any blog, then you can start by making your account on Blogger or WordPress for free. You can also post product reviews and links to your Store URL and motivate your users to buy your products using your URL. In this way, you can let your audience know that you’ve put together a list of products that you love and recommend for your specific niche. If you have an involved audience that responds to your content, many people will trust your product recommendations. 

5. Customized URL

Once you are approved as an Amazon influencer program, you will be able to customize your URL. The Amazon Influencer Program permits a social media influencer to get their own page on Amazon with a unique URL to demonstrate the products you recommend to your followers. Then you promote your unique URL to support your followers to purchase from your recommendations and you earn money on qualifying purchases. 


The Amazon Influencer Program is definitely a great method to make money online. While an Amazon Influencer can make money promoting their favourite products through their own custom Amazon store to focus on improving engagement rate by persistent, high-quality content. A fine tip for improving engagement is to focus on your created content and niche.


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