How to be an Amazon Seller?

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The United Kingdom (U.K.) has the most dominant e-commerce market in Europe. During the past year, eCommerce websites have witnessed a sudden surge in sales revenue. In 2020, around 19 percent of retail sales were connected to online sales in the U.K. The value of online retail businesses in the U.K. reached below 100 billion British pounds in 2020. 

The above statistics reveal that upcoming years are going to be an era of eCommerce entrepreneurs and sellers. These days Amazon sellers use various techniques to stay updated with their Amazon sales rank.

Let your dream turn into reality and witness your growth on the Amazon UK sales rank chart. What are you thinking about? 

Also, just by registering as an Amazon U.K. seller, you get to sell your products to all five European-based marketplaces.  

Amazon France (Amazon.FR)

Amazon Germany (Amazon.DE)

Amazon Italy (Amazon. I.T.)

Amazon Spain (Amazon.ES)

Amazon Netherlands (Amazon.NL)

1. Registration

Let’s get started and help you in becoming a registered seller on Amazon. Selling on Amazon is a seamless process; all you need to do is follow the below instructions to register yourself as a seller. We recommend you start by creating your account on Seller Central. If you are concerned about the registration fee, well, let’s say that the registration process is free of cost. However, charges are applicable when a customer purchases with you.

Following details are required for the successful registration:

1. Your credit or debit card

2. Your phone number

3. Your details

4. Your bank account details

Now your account is ready for product listing if you are confused then you can use Amazon Niche Finder Software. Use this Amazon Seller software, for Amazon Sales Estimator.

2. Select Business Model 

Don’t forget to select the business model under which you want to be registered. At present, Amazon lets you choose from options such as Private Label, FBA wholesale seller, Dropship, Handmade, and Online and/or Retail Arbitrage.

3. How much does Amazon charge to sell?

The sellers who fall under the category of the primary or individual seller and sell about 35 products per month pay £0.75 per product sold plus additional fees. In the Professional selling plan, sellers are charged a per month subscription fee of £25, excluding VAT, regardless of whether the seller gets any sales during the month or not. This fee is non-refundable, and extra charges are also applicable. 

4. Benefits of an Amazon Seller account

Sell can sell their products to a large customer base in all Amazon Europe marketplaces with the one registered Seller Account.

The seller must use Fulfillment by Amazon in the source marketplace as a logistics hub, allowing Amazon to serve all your customers through our European Fulfillment Network. FBA is a logistics fulfilment solution in which Amazon picks, packs, takes care of the delivery of products and safely delivers them on the doorsteps to the customer.

Seller is required to pay a monthly Pro Merchant subscription fee for Amazon Europe Marketplace account. 

Amazon has an extensive network of affiliate marketing that feature Amazon ads on their websites.


There is no rocket science involved in becoming an amazon seller you can follow this Amazon Seller guide. The process may seem to be intimidating and lengthy at first. But once a seller starts the process, things start falling into their place. Don’t forget to use Amazon seller tools.

Stop having second thoughts and start the seller journey today!


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