How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon

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How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon




Amazon & Alibaba both are big e-commerce players in the market of buying & selling online products. Alibaba is a great platform that allows sellers to source millions of various products that you can private label and brand. It’s a brilliant idea to buy the products from Alibaba and sell them on Amazon. As a merchant, you can earn a good profit margin by this. Let’s take a look at some basic benefits of this business:


Basic root steps are given below to guide beginners to start buying a product online from Alibaba & sell on Amazon:


No need for physical inventory.

Completely Online business. 

You can easily track your product.


For this business, as a merchant firstly you need to buy the products from Alibaba.


Buying a product from Alibaba:


1. Go to Alibaba

2. Search your product (which you won’t sell on amazon)

3. Click on Trade Assurance 

4. Select product & order quantity

5. Ask for a product sample/ Payment method from the supplier


As buyers things should be kept in mind before purchase order a product online.


Ask for a sample first before placing a bulk order.

Plane payment delivery example 50% advance & 50% after delivery.

Never trust a picture completely, ask for a video of the product from the supplier.

Check all the specification carefully

Negotiate the price. 

Ask quotations from other suppliers also & make comparisons between them. 


Selling the products on Amazon


For selling a product online on amazon you need to create an Amazon seller account or register yourself / your business store on amazon.


Five basic steps to become an Amazon seller:


1. Go to amazon

2. Click on Register Seller

3. Fill in your personal details  (example:- name, email, address, etc.)

4. Fill in your business details /product type & shipment charges etc.

5. Continue to the seller center.


Note:- Read all instructions very carefully during the registration process.


Things to keep in mind as a seller:


Choose the right products according to market demand.



Check if the product is already available in the market or not. If available, check their specification/price & what quality they offer to the public and launch your product accordingly.


As a seller, you need to find out a list of verified suppliers & top-rated vendors for continuous supplies. Alibaba is a user-friendly platform for buying & selling online products. Alibaba provides you with a verified supplier list with their company profile & easily checks their number of working experience & transactions. Here you can easily contact the supplier also. 


A large variety of products available on Alibaba


In Alibaba, you can develop your customized product after discussing it with suppliers. You are able to change product modification like Product specification for example dimension.


Customized product :

Your brand logo

Packaging design


Procedure of selling products from Alibaba to Amazon


Firstly you need to have a listing before the products arrive at Amazon. After setting up the Amazon seller account the second step is to create your listing. Your listing should be completed before shipping directly from China or another country to FBA.


Follow the below steps:


Go to Amazon seller Center

Go to the Inventory tab.

Add a product

Select “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon” then choose your product category. 

Fill in your product information including its brand name, UPC, product features, images, description, and so on.


Once you provide all the required information, your listing will be ready to go live when your inventory arrives. 



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