How to expand your B2B opportunities on Amazon?

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Since 2016, Amazon has made an extension to its platform available to online merchants in the business-to-business (B2B) market, which has been tailored to meet the special demands of business sellers. At the heart of Amazon, B2B is the ability for merchants to sell their items in the same way because they do under end and business customer circumstances. This allows them to (additionally) market to retail consumers in addition to institutional purchasers. In addition, if clients have upgraded their accounts to a business account, vendors can offer them their items through Amazon in the same manner as before, including at net pricing and in bulk quantities.

As a trader, you can earn twice as much money as you otherwise would: You will see an improvement in the exposure of your items as compared to other B2B offers after you qualify for the highly sought-after Business Seller badge1. In addition, Amazon provides extra options to help you improve your sales, such as the opportunity to buy on account, bulk discounts, and special business customer pricing. When you utilize Amazon’s VCS program, invoicing is made easier since Amazon automatically generates invoices with the relevant VAT rate, which are then mailed to the appropriate customers under your company’s name.

You have the ability to reinvent your brand

If you are concerned about time and channel conflicts, a viable approach is to promote your items on Amazon under a distinct brand identity. Even if the products are the same, or if they are bundled together, or if they are a variation that is only available for purchase online, introducing a unique brand name will allow you to access Amazon’s massive customer base as well as different test products, packages, and pricing without having to worry about whether your existing sales channels, brands, and products will be harmed in the process.

A variety of merchant Amazon listing techniques are available, including the ones listed below.

Merchant Listing fulfills the requirement.

Amazon’s listing fulfills the requirement.

Vendor Express/Vendor Central is an acronym that stands for Vendor Express/Vendor Central.

Shop Central for Dropshipping

Cocktail with FBM and VC

Cocktail with FBA and Off-Amazon vendors

What is the Amazon Business Seller Program, and how does it work?

Amazon Business is a platform that was developed to make it easier for all sorts of business clients to conduct online sales and purchases. It brings together large volume sellers, manufacturers, and distributors, together with their distribution and supply networks, as well as businesses looking to purchase things for their operations at a reasonable price, and it ties them all together.

B2B As a result, there are two programs offered by Amazon on the Amazon Business platform:

A program for merchants, the Amazon Business Sellers Program (also known as ABS);

The Amazon Business Buyers Program is a program designed specifically for buyers.

Because of the Amazon Business Seller program, sellers are able to offer products that are only available to business customers, their inventory is more visible, they have access to special wholesale pricing and payment terms, and those who participate in the Amazon Tax-Exemption program could indeed automate tax exemption on eligible purchases from sellers, among other benefits. The program is among the ways in which you may conduct business with the online retailer Amazon.

Seller Central Sellers who already have a Seller Central account can use their Seller Central account to add Amazon Business Account Features.

Amazon Advertising can assist companies that want to reach B2B consumers in 2 ways: Amazon B2B Audiences as well as Amazon Business Sponsorship. Amazon B2B Audiences are a type of audience that allows marketers to target B2B customers.

Companies may target our B2B customers at scale by using Amazon B2B Audiences, which can be found in both our owned-and-operated inventory and in the Amazon Demand Side Platform. These demographics are based on Amazon’s first-party data and therefore are available to any business wishing to target B2B customers through digital channels, according to the company. In order to assist advertisers in reaching the most appropriate audiences for their companies, Amazon Advertising’s audience capabilities make use of billions of purchase and viewing signals.

The Amazon Business marketplace and how it works

The design of the Amazon homepage for a business account is just somewhat different from the design of the site for a normal account. The structure and main features of the B2B area remain the same: search functions and categories designed specifically for business clients allow them to filter the entire Amazon product catalog (including B2B products) as per areas and criteria, compare similar articles, as well as browse through reviews from other buyers. As a result, purchasers may only filter for items that feature a VAT invoice that can be downloaded straight from the website.

Here’s a helpful hint: if you see a sudden drop in sales, it might be an indication that previous clients are resorting to this search method to find you. You should absolutely use Amazon’s VAT calculation tool if you want to avoid losing any (possible) clients in this situation. You will need to activate Amazon VCS or Amazon VCS Lite in order to accomplish this (see more about this below).

If you’re a business seller, Amazon will display your items to both retail and wholesale buyers, depending on your product. You will be able to create extra unique business client pricing and also multilayer bulk discounts dynamically and promptly for the latter. If you have also enabled the above-mentioned VAT calculation service, Amazon will display net pricing to your consumers (i.e., prices that do not include VAT) when they search for your items so that they only see the gross price on the invoice that you have issued for your products.

Who Can Become an Amazon Business-to-Business Seller?

Any corporation, institution, or organization that is legally registered in the United States or one of its territories and that has obtained a Tax Identification Number (TIN) is eligible to become an Amazon B2B seller.

Distribution, retail, manufacturing, supply, and wholesale companies, as well as brand owners and dealers that want to sell large volumes of consignments to Amazon B2B clients who place large orders, are all targeted by the program, which is free to participate in.

For consideration, you must be registered as a Professional Seller on Amazon in order to be eligible to participate in the Business Sellers Program. If you are already a seller on Amazon, your sales success and other account data are important to track and analyze. Wholesalers and other ‘big sharks’ that are new to Amazon and wish to start their own Amazon seller business would need to join up under the Professional Seller plan, which is available only to Amazon sellers.


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