How to Find Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers In 2022?

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Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) has become the wholesale sellers’ go-to destinations for their order fulfillment and shipping services. It’s a simple concept where Sellers sell products and  Amazon takes care of shipping related services. 

 Did you know, during 2021, approximately 56% of Amazon sales figures came from third-party sellers?

 Seeing the profit share you must be thinking of wanting to be an established Amazon wholesale FBA seller in the Amazon marketplace. Don’t you?

 However, there is no rocket science involved to figure out how to find Amazon FBA wholesale sellers in 2022?

 But if you don’t know where to begin the search for Amazon FBA wholesale sellers. Don’t worry, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned tips and you are all set to sail.

How to Find Amazon FBA Wholesale Sellers In 2022 ?

1.Trade Shows 

Trade Shows host sellers from different industries and worldwide, which is an excellent technique to explore opportunities within your niche. Attending such events opens you up to various possibilities, like meeting like-minded people and networking. Trade shows are an event that gathers shoppers and sellers from multiple industries in one place. You might get a chance to connect with established brands or suppliers of different sectors. 

2. Use tools like Jungle Scout

One of the most used FBA multi-tools is Jungle Scout. Using this amazon tool you can find FBA sellers for any amazon product, too, with the click of a button. The basic plan is the best plan for the Supplier Database. All you need to do is enter relevant keywords such as product name, ASIN, supplier name, manufacturer’s name, or company name. Jungle Scout is what beginners need to fast-track their search queries.

3. Wholesale Supplier Directory  

One of the most trusted techniques of discovering reliable FBA sellers is through an online wholesale directory. Certainly, there are lots of software in the market that help in sourcing and analyzing the products in the Amazon marketplace. But you need one that has identified what sellers are unaware of and helped them upscale their business. Asinwiser is one such intelligent and innovative tool. Sign up to Asinwiser Amazon FBA wholesale supplier directory. Get your free trial today.

4. Leverage LinkedIn to its best

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional social network platform and is a biggest asset for wholesale manufacturers. Most of the sellers leverage LinkedIn to its best. 


Follow the simple instructions,

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account (or register if you don’t have one)
  • Search using keywords such as; [name of the industry] manufacturer/manufacturing/supplier/wholesale/wholesalers.

5. Internet Search

Internet search with a proper set of keywords can help you get desired results to find the right supplier. Google search with the correct phrases will help you in getting the best results. Though research doesn’t end with getting a supplier, you can also employ YouTube to get suppliers. 

Wrapping up thoughts

One of the most challenging and essential aspects of FBA business is Amazon wholesale sourcing. An effective Amazon wholesale can also help you scale your business because it saves time, money, and effort in fulfilling orders. In this way, you can focus more on your business’s core purposes and get an edge over Amazon sales rank chart competitors. Let Asinwiser do the job for you; employ quickest way to identify and gain insights about the Amazon sellers using competitor research application.