How to find products to sell on amazon?

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Need help coming up with finding products to sell on Amazon?

Do you wish to add new products to boost your sales, profit margins and best things to sell on Amazon?

It’s a competitive market on Amazon. There are already hundreds of sellers for whatever product you can think of.

The question is, how can you find profitable high-demand products to sell on Amazon?

If you know where to look, you can find a multitude of product opportunities. This post lists tips & strategies for uncovering products with strong demand, low competition & high margins.

Selling products with these features is ideal:

Strong Demand 

Competition is minimal

The margin of profit is high

Regular consumption

No seasonal impact

Pricey tickets

How to find products to sell on Amazon?

• Make use of a niche product finder program like Jungle Scout

An Amazon product research tool, JungleScout assists users with locating high-demand, low competition products quickly. It’s one of the top tools used by Amazon sellers worldwide.

With JungleScout, you can:

Create a product idea

Monitor your competitors

Sort, filter, and analyze a product database

Moreover, JungleScout has a Chrome extension. Clicking the button on the top of your Chrome browser will enable you to analyze an existing Amazon product. JungleScout saves you the time and hassle of finding great products to sell manually.

• Investigate Google Trends

With Google Trends, you can find out which keywords are trending in a given region. In light of Google trends being based on search engine data (which is provided by Google), it is highly trustworthy. The tool can tell you whether a product is popular or not by analyzing trends.

Trends can be analyzed using it to see if a specific product is relevant. The demand for a particular product is evident by its trending nature.

After you’ve compiled a list of trending products, you can turn your attention to the competition. For those who wish to order the exact item (manually), the best way is to go to Amazon & search for the exact item.

• See the best-selling titles on Amazon

This list published by Amazon consists of the best-selling articles based on their categories. Data like that can help sellers dig deeper & discover what’s working.

The following list of trending products can also be found along with the best sellers:

  • Latest releases in the market
  • Trending products
  • Most desired articles 
  • Most favored items to gift 

Discover what’s trending on BuzzSumo

With BuzzSumo, you can find out which kind of content is being shared online, according to keywords. On BuzzSumo, for example, if you search for “canvas shoes” you will be presented with a list of the most trending products on the web.

Since the number of shares indicates a product’s popularity, a product can be quickly identified by its popularity among large masses with the help of such a platform.

• Learn which Pinterest products are most popular

Essentially, Pinterest is a search engine and social media platform in one. Upon discovering interesting products, the users pin the same. When liked by the user, these “pins” get pinned by more and more users over time. Pins indicate popularity, so the more there are, the more popular the product is. 

In addition, Pinterest’s algorithm is designed to display the most popular products at the top of the search page when someone searches for a term.

You can search for a keyword on the website and see a few results by typing it into the search box to know about the most trending products you should deal in. Switch to Amazon marketplace once you’ve determined the popularity of the product.

Utilize the native Amazon search

It is possible to come up with awesome products using Amazon’s native search feature. Several Amazon searches have an “auto-complete” option.

Amazon suggests long-tail keywords based on the keyword that is typed into the search box. Try searching for products based on these long-tail keywords & see if they exist. It implies that there isn’t a corresponding product(s), thus there is an opportunity to invest in and grow. 

Take an Instagram walk with big brands

Instagram is the hottest social media app right now. The majority of brands market using the platform to its full potential.

Follow the newest offerings, trends & products from the biggest brands on Instagram. This is a very simple concept. Take advantage of those trends on Amazon, source your products, and gain profit.

You can regularly follow the latest product launches and promotions from these brands. Take the lead in dealing with those products to sell on Amazon. Because these will be new offerings, there will not be any competition for them.

• Use SaleHoo to interact with suppliers

Salehoo is a global wholesale supplier directory that also helps you find ideas for new products. By using SaleHoo, you can filter and locate trusted suppliers from around the world and contact them directly.

Getting product information from suppliers is a great idea.

This data can help you identify products that have high demand and low supply products. A research lab is also available on SaleHoo that identifies profitable products for you instantly.

Using SaleHoo as a drop shipper is also possible. You can filter the supplier database to only show you drop shipping companies.


The process of product research takes a long time. This is without a doubt truth in totality. Further complicating the matter is the fact that it isn’t easy.

With the aforementioned ideas, you’ll need to know where and how to find products that are in high demand and low competition. There is a clear path to follow. It is now just a matter of putting these ideas into action.

Move from one strategy to another, trying them all at once. Decide which method works best for you and expand on your successful strategy by adding more products.

Following the strategies above, you are sure to become a better seller with additional Amazon sales estimator and higher profit margins.


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