How to get a free product from Amazon?

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Amazon is the largest online retailer, but it doesn’t mean you just dole out money on splurging. Hence, finding an amazing deal requires extensive research. While finding a great deal is always exciting. On the other hand, there is something about great discounts and free stuff. 

There are plenty of wonderful ways to get free stuff on Amazon without filling surveys or using coupons. There are several reasons why sellers are generally giving away free products to people. One of the principal reasons is that the sellers want to increase their sales, and offering free products benefits improve their sales. That is because the free products help with the brand promotion. People who get the free items can check out the other products being offered by the seller.

Another reason sellers give products for free is that the free products can help in gaining positive reviews from the customers.

In this article, we will explain how to get free products from Amazon.

Here we have listed four ways why it is important to give away free products 

1. Generate sales: The sellers who want to generate more sales and offer free products enhances their chance of meeting the sales target. To generate more sales, Amazon sellers must hold a reputation and that they sell a worthwhile product. 

2. Sellers need reviews: Sellers who offer you a free item, so you generate a positive review and help them produce more sales. Even though listings can help, the only way online consumers can verify a seller’s credibility is by looking at reviews. If an Amazon seller has no reviews, they will struggle to make sales. Also, Amazon sellers want authentic positive reviews, not fake reviews.

3. To clean up their inventory: Sellers who have a huge product listing in inventory that are costing them fees. Consequently,  the seller gives the products away to garner positive customer reviews, at the same time saving a lot of money.

4. Show up on top of Amazon’s search results pages: Whether, on a computer or the Amazon app, most shoppers only look at the first page of Amazon’s search results. Thus, sellers stuck on pages 10 or 20 are desperate to rise the ranks. To rank higher, they must satisfy Amazon’s algorithm. The two leading ranking factors of Amazon’s algorithm are sales and positive reviews.

This article is a comprehensive guide on how to get free products on Amazon. 

Hence, we will share seven ways using which you can get free products from Amazon.

1. Facebook Groups give free Amazon products

Many Facebook groups offer free Amazon products in exchange for honest reviews, to get rid of fund-draining inventory. You buy the product on Amazon, share proof of purchase and then they give you the money back.

2. Be an Amazon pro reviewer

To become a pro reviewer for Amazon you will need a successful YouTube channel, social media followers or a blog. If this is not you, then you require to look at means of gaining free products. It demands a lot of work for free to establish a social media presence. Despite that, there are lots of ways to make money.

However, if you already have social media followers, then you can easily get free products for being a pro-reviewer. The idea behind offering free products and building followers. Therefore, once you have acquired adequate views and ample followers giving product demonstrations and reviews. Hence, in this, you will seize the attention of those who will want you to do the same for their products too. Becoming an Amazon pro reviewer is a strategic method to build a business out of your free products, and by monetizing your YouTube channel.

3. Become a vine reviewer

Amazon Vine program launched in 2007. It is a program run by Amazon. Under this program, Amazon Vine urges trusted reviewers to post opinions about new and pre-release products on Amazon.

The objective is to get customers to help their fellow consumers make a sound purchase. These Vine Voices are selected supported on their reviewer rank, which is created by the helpfulness of the reviews they have provided in the past. 

Selected, Amazon offers reviewers free products. Amazon assures us that these views are completely independent, the user does not have to provide positive reviews, only accurate and helpful guidance. 

However, these reviews cannot be modified by Amazon, do the sellers have access to reviews. The review must obey the posting guidelines which frowns on any attempt to mislead or provide inauthentic content. The more you review and build your profile the more possibility of you being selected for the Vine Voices program.

4. Kindle eBooks

The simplest freebie offered by Amazon is Kindle eBooks that are free to browse. If you are an avid reader then there are a    lot of free books available on Amazon. Nonetheless, if you have a Kindle or an application you must take advantage of Kindle eBooks. You must check out the Top 100 Free Kindle ebooks under a wide range of genres from romance to cookbooks, novels from classic authors to up-and-coming authors. Some are free because they are out of copyright and free for a limited period as a method of introducing new up and coming authors.

5. Sample box program

The sample box program is an Amazon Prime member program where they can purchase sample boxes. Then you get your money back in the form of an Amazon voucher, the equivalent to a digital gift card. These boxes have everything including free food, sample products, products and other goodies. Perhaps, it is limited to one sample box per customer, but there are new free boxes available all year round.

6. Free digital albums

Everyone wishes to have access to free digital albums, where you can browse music for free. If you don’t have the cash to pay for music you want to listen to, but you love discovering new and old songs. Then you can get free mp3 singles and albums and can sort them by album, artist, genre, and new releases, and download them for free from Amazon Music. If you want to know what is free to listen to, click the low to high button and the free stuff rises to the top.

7. Amazon Prime free trial

Amazon prime free trial provides you access to free TV, free music, free movies and order you place need not bear shipping charges. This is great for binging on movies during the holidays and a great way to get discounts during holiday shopping periods. Everybody will have access to a 30-day trial with Amazon Prime which means 30 days of freebies including prime videos and other prime members benefits.



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