How to Get the Amazon Best Seller Badge?

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First and foremost, what exactly is the badge? The Amazon bestseller label is awarded to the item that has performed the best overall over a period of time on Amazon. Amazon is keeping the specifics of this duration of time under wraps. The status, on the other hand, is updated hourly, which means that this is a reward that might be up for grabs at any time of the day or night, and once you’ve lost it, it’s gone forever. As soon as you’ve been pushed off your throne, the only thing that can restore your position is to become the best seller once more.

Badges can be given in a number of different categories. It is possible that there are approximately 100 best-seller badges grouped into subcategories in a major category such as “books,” as an example. In some categories, obtaining the badge may be somewhat challenging, depending on the level of competition in that particular category. 

Consider the following scenario: if you are selling a dog leash, you will have a far higher chance of getting noticed if you include it in the extremely narrow category of ‘dog collars’ rather than the much more general categories of ‘dogs’ or “pet supplies.”

According to the most recent update, an item ranked #1 in a given category or subcategory implies that it has sold more than every other item in that category or subcategory. This item is then designated as a top seller, and the best seller logo appears in search and browser results.

Do you want to know where your items stand in relation to others in your category? On any product detail page, it’s simple to see where a product falls in the rankings. Simply scroll down towards the item information to discover where you rank in all of the relevant categories for that item.

Furthermore, while certain categories may not have enough rivalry to merit the inclusion of 100 top sellers, the distinction is no less significant. The fact that one of those badges is attached to your product, despite the fact that the focus is smaller in a specialized area than in a big one like Games and Toys, is nevertheless a signal of quality.

What is the Best Seller ranking system, and how does it work?

Amazon evaluates the sales of each listing and then ranks the products that have generated the greatest number of sales in a short period of time. Consequently, you will never come across a product with this badge for a prolonged length of time because it is regularly changed on a continuous basis every hour. This continual volatility is required in order to determine the real-time purchasing habits and popularity of any product on the market. This temporary badge is very likely to be awarded to any new listing that has a strong overall launch plan in place. Amazon has not disclosed the specific metrics that are used to generate the badge. It is reasonable to conclude, however, that sales velocity, as well as history, play a significant influence in obtaining these badges if one has a professional understanding of their methodology.

How to Earn a Best Seller Badge?

In contrast to other parts of receiving “prizes” on Amazon, the method to earning a Best Seller Badge is well-known and follows a strict protocol. Success is determined by product and sales rank, and it changes on a regular basis, so follow these guidelines to increase your chances of earning a Badge.

Buyers will have a difficult time finding your items if they aren’t included in the most suitable or relevant categories on your website. If they can’t find them, they won’t be able to purchase them. And if they are unable to purchase them, you will not be able to generate sufficient sales to earn the Best Seller Badge. If you use Amazon’s browse tree guidance, you can easily avoid this by doing some research to ensure that your product is labeled to the appropriate category before publishing it.

Selling on Amazon puts you in direct competition with other individual retailers and branded merchants, but you’re also in direct competition with Amazon itself. However, unlike fighting with other vendors, competing with Amazon almost never ends in a win since the marketplace is simply too large to compete on a small scale.

If you come across a private label brand that is sold on Amazon, it is almost certain that they will have the Best Seller Badge. However, if you find a category in which Amazon does not have a private label product, this is an excellent opportunity to put everything you’ve got into winning the private label designation.

In our blogs on SEO, it may appear as though we’re repeating ourselves, but it is one of the most powerful basic strategies you can implement to increase searches, traffic, and sales—the latter of which is essential if you want to make it onto the Bestseller List. To get there, concentrate your efforts on keyword research in order to leave as obvious a trail as possible leading to your items.

Promoting your products with a promotional campaign: Because the Best Seller Badge is based on product and sales rank, launching a promotional campaign is one of the most straightforward methods to get the badge. You may consider hosting a promotion or giveaway, such as a flash sale or a buy one get one free deal.

It is important to remember, however, that this should only be a temporary practice. Lowering your prices too drastically over an extended period of time might result in a price war or a race to the bottom and also negatively impact your total profit margin and reputation.

The quickest and most straightforward approach to get the best seller badge is to excel at what you do. There are a few ways that can help you improve your odds, but the badge isn’t worth so much that it’s worth risking your Amazon reputation to obtain it. Maintain a level of fairness while maintaining a high level of quality. 

Choose the most appropriate categories and make certain that you provide consistently excellent service. If you are a good salesperson, your buyers will reward you with sales as a result.

Difference between the Amazon Best Seller badge and the Amazon’s Choice badge?

Both of these badges may appear to buyers to be interchangeable plaques, but in reality, each of these badges is labeled using a separate set of data. The Amazon Best Seller badge is awarded mostly on the basis of the sales statistics generated by a particular listing. 

The Amazon’s Choice badge, on the other hand, is determined by taking into consideration a variety of parameters such as product availability, pricing, product reviews, keyword ranking, sales velocity, after-sale support, seller engagement, and so on. For buyers, both badges may represent an equivalent level of confidence and reliability; but, for sellers, it correlates to sales per hour vs search engine optimization (SEO). When compared to Amazon’s Choice, sellers have a higher probability of receiving the Best Seller label. Obtaining the latter badge, on the other hand, might be more difficult.

These plaques, like other decorative Amazon badges, do not remain on your listing profile for an extended period of time. However, as compared to the Best Seller badge, which changes hourly, the Amazon’s Choice badge remains in place for a significantly longer period of time. 

The most significant distinction comes down to how Amazon views the goods in question. The Best Seller badge is determined by overall sales velocity, but the Amazon’s Choice plaque is awarded based on search engine optimization (SEO).


Simple actions, such as listing optimization and maintaining a well-managed account, will help you enhance your conversions, client loyalty, and overall search engine position. Once your sales begin to climb steadily up the sales rankings, you will have a chance to take over the number one place and earn the Best Sellers badge.


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