How to improve amazon sales ranking?

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Selling on Amazon provides your business with an excellent opportunity. However, being an Amazon seller is a 24*7 job that always keeps you on your toes. Because there is no end to the needs of people and with technology, hence online shopping has become more convenient than it was about ten years ago. The sudden outbreak of deadly viruses from China all over the world is also one of the reasons that have increased the number of online buyers.

Undoubtedly, people are always searching for products of their needs. Consequently, it is crucial to optimize your product listings to improve product ranking to have them appear at the top of the search results. However, one of the trickiest things about increasing your Amazon product rank is that it doesn’t solely depend on your total sales. Hence it can be improved at any time whenever you feel the need to do so.

To improve and manage a good Amazon sales rank, you need to have steady sales. 

We are very well versed with the fact that most of the sellers are clueless about where to begin. Through this blog, we will tell you innovative ways to improve Amazon ranking.

1. Product title

Product title is the first impression that your potential customer will have about your product. So don’t you think you should work on the product title? Therefore, you should focus more on what can be done to grab their attention to convert a potential customer into a customer. Though, most of the sellers pay less heed to the product title. That’s why we recommend doing extensive keyword research and once you have done the research then set your title accordingly. One bright piece of advice we give is checking out how top competitors are titling their products and using a similar approach to your approach.

2. Product Description

How often do you use the product description to expand on your features and incorporate keywords? It is worth putting effort into getting this right, as a great product description will increase your customer engagement and conversion rates. Add product names and as many relevant keywords as possible. Don’t forget to add the brand’s name.

3. Customer Reviews

One of the best approaches to improve Amazon’s listing ranking is customer reviews. Products with good reviews are more likely to convert in sales. As per a study, over 90% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. Nowadays, buyers’ photos and descriptions but reviews will get them to trust you enough to click that buy button.

If your product has 5-star reviews, then a buyer won’t doubt its authenticity.

4. Keywords for Amazon SEO

Amazon optimizing begins with choosing the right set of keywords because relevant Amazon keywords boost your ranking. For boosting Amazon ranking using Amazon keyword tools, like Sonar, to find Amazon-specific keywords. Using such tools, you can improve Amazon’s ranking by including keywords in your product listing, in your product description, in and details. You are required to combine your keywords in the product listing. 

5. Answer questions to indirectly affect Amazon product ranking

Answering questions is a secondary and essential factor that determines your Amazon product ranking. It doesn’t immediately affect your order, but it influences conversions which impact your ranking. The questions asked about your products are arranged at the top of your listing, along with reviews. Amazon is well-versed that consumers will be asking questions, so they list the link to them at the top of the page.

Final takeaway

Amazon sales ranking is a deciding factor and one can not afford to ignore it. Because ignoring it will cause more damage to your Amazon store than you have ever imagined. Hence we advise you to follow the above-mentioned strategies and pay heed to them. 


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