How to launch a product on Amazon?

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Product launch is a significant part of the Amazon private label. Launching a successful product on Amazon will initially appear exciting, but it is an arduous task. A successful product launch requires time, knowledge, and effort to make it a success. One can’t afford to put a foot down before a product launch because you may often fail in selling your product on Amazon.

Earlier, the product launch was a convenient task as incentivized reviews were a great help. But now the banned imposed product launch involves more work than we thought of.

Stay focused and remember the end goal of launching a product to become a New Best Seller on Amazon and sustain its rankings. In this article, we’ll help you with the Amazon new product launch plan.

1. Amazon A9 algorithm

The leading problem sellers face after the product launch is not producing adequate sales. Because sellers forget that Amazon is not Google as Amazon works on algorithms. That’s where the Amazon A9 algorithm comes into the picture. Don’t forget that Amazon is relevant sales, whereas Google is relevancy.

The main reason behind low sales is that your product ranking for your products needs to be ranked among the top search results. 

2. Tools

A successful product launch is a layered process. As you dive in, you unravel the different layers. To identify what works for your product, identify the right and accurate tools that automate and smoothen your launch phase. 

These product and task management tools take off the burden from the shoulder and manage each product launch process. 

3. Keyword research for your listing 

Amazon is a search engine that displays products to answer the consumer’s search query. Therefore, sellers must target search terms/keywords related to their products to rank among the top search results. Sellers can also use various Amazon keyword tools and PPC bid management tools to get the best results.

The more business you receive for each specific keyword, the more leading your product will rank in the search results. Also, don’t forget to mention why your product is a must-buy and use words to allure your potential customers so that they end up buying a product. Mention all the details of your products about which a consumer must be aware. 

4. Product Launch Preps

Now that you are all set with a technical setup of the best product launch. Let’s begin with a product shoot. A successful product must include the product pictures captured from different angles and against a neutral-coloured backdrop to interfere with the item itself. 

If the photo is initially capable of grabbing a buyer’s attention, the written description can convince them to stay. Explain the product how it would be used in real life. For this, you can make a tutorial video. 


Product launch is a task but it’s a real game-changer for your business. Think,  create and execute your plan when your product is all set to launch. 

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