How to Make the Most of Amazon Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

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Amazon offers new tools and services for brand-registered sellers regularly helps them expand and interact with customers. One such development that improves the efficiency of Amazon Marketplaces is the new Manage Your Customer Engagement feature. 

This new tool is a terrific method to create loyal relationships with Amazon shoppers while raising the awareness of unique products by allowing merchants to execute promotional campaigns for consumers who follow their brands. This is just another compelling incentive to join Amazon’s Brand Registry if you haven’t already.

What is the purpose of the Manage Your Customer Engagement tool?

As many vendors are aware, Amazon has highly rigorous communication restrictions for merchants. One of these rules prohibits you from sending them any commercial or promotional messages – until now, with the help of this new technology. 

MYCE (Manage Your Customer Engagement) is a free service that allows brands to create promotional campaigns for their Amazon following. It was designed to boost engagement with consumers, retention, and loyalty, and it’s also a terrific way to introduce and promote new products to a willing audience.

These email campaigns are intended to highlight your goods while also showcasing your distinctive branding. Brands may add a logo and product pictures to their emails, so they don’t appear like another Amazon email. MYCE also offers valuable indicators for evaluating the success and effectiveness of your email campaigns. 

At the moment, the feature only works with new product announcements. According to Amazon, more templates are in the pipeline, though it does not indicate what they will be.

Who may use the tool to Manage Your Customer Engagement?

To be qualified for this feature, you must first:

1. Be a member of the Brand Registry.

2. Have an Amazon Store that is up and running

3. Have a large number of Amazon Store followers

However, even if you match all of the above requirements, you may not use the tool because it is currently in beta, and Amazon is progressively rolling it out to merchants.

If you’ve registered your brand on Amazon and have a store, your next question is probably: How do I get Amazon followers so I can send email campaigns to them?

Amazon suggests that you use another service called Amazon Posts to grow your brand’s popularity. Amazon Posts, which look and feel like Instagram and Facebook posts, allow marketers to publish lifestyle photographs and other product-related information via a “feed” that followers may go through.

Customers can find your feed by going to a specific tab on your Storefront. Moreover, Customers can travel to the displayed product’s listing to purchase by clicking on the Post, or they can explore similar Posts to discover new items and brands by clicking on them. 

If you use posts to raise awareness, customers will “follow” your brand on Amazon to acquire constant updates and material from your business. You can start constructing promotional campaigns to promote your products once you have a following.

How to Launch a Marketing Campaign

It’s straightforward to set up a Manage Your Customer Engagement campaign. You’ll need your brand logo, a product (issued within the last six months), and supporting photos to create an email campaign. 

You might use a lifestyle photograph as your supporting image to show someone using the product. You’ll need to specify a schedule while you’re setting up the campaign. Five-day intervals, Monday through Friday, are available. 

You’ll submit your campaign for assessment once you’ve uploaded your photographs and chosen your period. Amazon claims that reviews take at least 72 hours.

How do I use the tool?

Go to “Brands,” then “Customer Engagement” in your Seller Central account. You can begin developing your email campaigns as soon as you gain access to the tool. If you don’t, you’ll be taken to the ‘Something cool is on its way’ page. Even if you meet all of the prerequisites, you may still be unable to use the tool. Check back in regularly to see if you have access.

Manage Your Customer Engagement can help you promote your new Amazon products

As of yet, Amazon has provided us with no other information about the Manage Your Customer Engagement feature. We’ll update you as soon as additional information is available! Have you gotten your hands on the new tool yet? If that’s the case, please let us know how it’s going!


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