How to remove bad reviews on Amazon?

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Amazon reviews play a decisive role in turning a potential customer into a customer. Reviews can make and break your business as it’s an indispensable part of Amazon’s marketing strategy.

Bad reviews can negatively impact your sales, buy box percentage, and profit percentage. Do you know one bad review or one-star review can bring down the product rating and adversely affect sales revenue?

Sellers are bound to deal with bad reviews daily. Sadly, there is no escape from it. However, a seller can get it removed from Amazon, but not all negative feedback can be removed. 

Amazon has a set of criteria to remove bad reviews. If a review follows any of the below-listed points, a review is eligible to deduct Amazon.

Inappropriate Content

Hate Speech & Offensive Content


Promotion of Illegal Conduct

Promotional Reviews

Moreover, it’s not only negative feedback you might require to request to have removed neutral feedback that can also influence your seller metrics and feedback rating.

There are two ways of removing bad removal on Amazon. Follow these techniques.

1. Contact Amazon 

First and foremost, you must contact Amazon to set up and solve the matter for you. To contact Amazon, follow the below steps:

1. Visit Seller Central 

2. Open a new support case.

3. Select Account Settings  

4. Go To Orders 

5. Look for Option Customer feedback problems.

Since you have found the option drop a comment. Why do you believe the Amazon negative feedback should be removed and provide some details but keep it short and straightforward, then click on send the message. Amazon will look into the matter and solve your problem.

2. Review Violates Amazon policy

Amazon will remove the review that violates Amazon’s guidelines just by making a request. There are products listed under the Fulfillment-by-Amazon (FBA) program. 

These products have more extensive conditions to remove a bad review. However, under the FBA program, Amazon takes complete responsibility for the seller’s product storage, order packaging, shipping, and delivery, and customer service after delivery. Still, an FBA seller isn’t responsible for these duties; Amazon will remove any negative FBA seller feedback related to post and pre-delivery problems.

3. Contact Amazon Reviewer

There might be a situation where you can’t get the bad review removed from Amazon. In such a case, you can alternatively contact the seller to solve the issue. Don’t tempt the customer by offering a refund in return for getting bad reviews removed, which violates Amazon’s seller guidelines. 

Amazon lets you do this, but if you take action within 90 days for buyers to remove their feedback. If they don’t remove it within this period, then it will stay there. 


Review is the most important factor for your Amazon business and Buy Box eligibility. But this depends on you whether you want to deal with them or not. Dealing with Amazon bad reviews can be time-consuming and tiresome. 

We leave this to you whether you want to ignore them or focus on growing your sales and Amazon sales rank link.



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