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How to Sell on Amazon Canada?

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How to Sell on Amazon Canada? 


During the past few years, Canada has emerged as a popular eCommerce market for many retail giants such as Amazon and eBay. According to a study, revenue generated through e-commerce sales is expected to exceed 33 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. This study shows that if you start as a Canada amazon seller, then it could be of great profit. The perk of being an Amazon seller on Canada amazon as it is a multichannel fulfilment. This implies that if you order from Amazon Canada then your order will directly ship from duties or long transit wait. 


Selling in Amazon Canada is lucrative because it has one of the easiest taxation systems which makes the whole selling process less overwhelming and complicated. But if you do not know how to sell on Amazon Canada, then this blog is everything that you need right now.


Before you get started with selling in Canada on amazon, let’s understand which would be the better selling plan: Individual and Professional. 




The individual plan is the perfect selling plan for the beginner as you don’t need a lot to invest in inventory. This selling plan of fba Canada doesn’t charge a monthly fee however you have to pay $1.49 CDN per sale to try this selling plan.


The individual plan is for you, if:


Planning to sell not more than 20 products a month. 


Note: If you exceed 20 products then your sale fees will be more than the professional selling plan for the month.


No pre-requisite requirements of advanced selling tools 

Still deciding what to sell




The professional selling plan is perfect for amazon vendors in Canada who are selling more than 20 products a month by paying a monthly fee of $29.99 CDN. Under this selling plan, you will get the latest and advanced tools with top-notch advertising.


The professional plan is for if you: 


If you are planning to sell more than 20 products a month 

Willing to get hands-on latest and advanced selling tools.

Can apply for selling such as Handmade, Launchpad, or Amazon Business


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Amazon canada


How to sell on amazon Canada from the US?


Certainly, to sell on from the US has become quite easier.


If you are planning to sell on Amazon fba to Canada from the US then all you need to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps:


Step 1: Go to the seller’s name at the top of Seller Central.

Step 2: Choose Mexico, Canada, or the U.S. from the dropdown menu. 

Note: No requirement for registering a Canadian business or a Canadian bank account to sell on Amazon Canada from the Us.

Voila, you are all set to sell on amazon Canada from the US.


What are the prerequisites to sign for amazon.canada seller account?


Below are the prerequisites to sign for amazon canada seller account and In order to complete your seller registration, you will need the following: 


Bank account information, including your account and routing numbers 

Chargeable credit card

Government-issued national identification

Tax information

Phone number

On the Start Selling Online page, click on “Sign up.”


Next, create a new Amazon account with your email and password. 


Now enter your business information and location. Even if you are located outside of Canada, you can still sell on the Canadian marketplace.


For business type, you will have a few options:


State-owned business

Publicly-listed business

Privately-listed business


None, I am an individual


Choose the option that best describes the business model, then clicks “Agree and continue.”


The next step is to enter below mentioned individual information:


Your physical address

Phone number


Billing and bank account information

Store name and selling plan


The above-mentioned information will be used by Amazon to verify your account before your selling account is approved. Once you are approved, you can start listing items for sale!


Fulfilment methods for Amazon Canada


To sell on Amazon FBA Canada, sellers can sell in the Candian marketplace through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM).


● Fulfilment by Amazon


Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) is what most sellers use as they can store your product in an Amazon warehouse, and an Amazon person will pick, pack and ship when the customer purchases an order. Even the post-delivery issue related to customer service is handled by Amazon.


Also, all the products listed under this fulfilment method are eligible for Prime shipping. This increases the chance of purchasing prime products by prime members.


● Fulfilment by Merchant 


Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM) is a fulfillment method in which sellers manage their own storage, fulfilment, and customer service. FBM is preferred by sellers as it saves money by avoiding FBA fees, and inbound shipping costs and uses a third-party fulfilment service provider to store and ship products. 


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Amazon repricer


Amazon Canada Selling Fees 


Amazon charges various fees to sellers for selling on its marketplace. To calculate the selling fees, you will need an Amazon Canada FBA calculator.


Asinwiser also have one such tool for every Amazon seller. Using a FBA calculator Amazon Canada you can expand your business with a map-out strategic approach.


FBA Canada calculator can be used by the sellers start when they begin with the research process for new products. This Canada FBA calculator is quite efficient in determining the overall profit and net margin.


Below is a complete breakdown of the fees charged for selling on Amazon Canada. 


Referral Fees


The referral fee is the “commission” paid by sellers for selling each item on the Amazon marketplace. This referral fee is collected by Amazon after every sale.


Fees paid by FBA Sellers


When a seller decides to opt for an FBA fulfilment method then Amazon charges additional fees for handling storage, packing, shipping, and customer services. 


FBA Storage Fees 


FBA Storage fees are what sellers charges for storage fees to sell on FBA and for using Amazon’s warehouse. FBA Storage fees are for two types of long-term storage: monthly or yearly.


Monthly Inventory Storage Fees 


Monthly Inventory Storage Fees are fees charged by sellers within 7-15 days for any given month.


Long-Term Inventory Storage Fees 


Long-Term Inventory Storage Fees are fees calculated by sellers on the 15th of each month and for the products that have been in the store for more than a year, they will be charged $150 per cubic meter.


Canadian tax and regulatory considerations


For selling in Canada, sellers will pay and collect two different types of sales taxes i.e; Federal and Provincial Sales Taxes. 


1. Federal Sales Tax is also called Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). These charges vary from province to province you have business in and with no exemption whether you are working outside Canada.


2. Provincial Sales Tax is called Quebec sales tax (QST), or Retail Sales Tax (RST). PST, RST, or QST charges depend on the particular province.  


How to sell on Amazon Canada from the US?


Amazon US


A few years ago, sellers used to have separate selling accounts to sell in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. But now Amazon provides a unified account called North American Unified Account. This allows sellers for shipping to Canada fba from the USA and also switch within seller central between,, and Selling on amazon Canada from the US will have to bear the charges of $39.99 per month to list products.


Can I use Canada amazon prime in the US?


Amazon Prime members are able to stream selected Amazon Originals titles while outside of their home country. Outside of your home country, a reduced selection of Prime Video titles is available to stream.


How to switch amazon ca to the US?


To switch from Canada follow the below-mentioned steps: 


Go to Manage Your Content and Devices.

Click Preferences. 

Click Change under Country Settings. 

Select or enter your address.

Click Update. 


Can I buy from amazon U.S in Canada?


YES, but shipping to Canada fba from the USA can vary, and not all products on ship to Canada. Amazon USA ships internationally through Amazon Global, a service that makes easier to find products that will ship to your country including Canada.


We hope this guide helps you starting your selling journey on



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