How to Sell on Amazon UK in 2022?

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As you decide to become a reseller, it is essential to select from one of the leading online selling platforms, the UK. Since the competition is high and the demand for online products is growing tremendously, you can acquire success if you strive forward carefully and thoughtfully. The best way to scale up as a seller is by working on an online marketplace like Amazon or eBay

Here, you can improve your scope as a seller and reach out to a larger audience. Whether on eBay seller hub or Fulfillment by Amazon, you need to know how to sell effectively. For that purpose, you have to plan and strategize properly to leverage sales and improve your ROI. In this article, we will walk you through how to sell on Amazon UK.

Even though this article might seem like a guide for Amazon resellers, it will be helpful for you to set up an eBay account and grow your sales.

Fulfillment By Amazon or What is Amazon FBA?

As you step up as a reseller on Amazon, one of the best-selling sites in the UK, you have to know the ways to do it. One of the options preferred by most sellers is FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon

As an Amazon seller in the UK using FBA, you can rely upon Amazon to deal with services such as storage, packaging, tracking, shipping, and customer support. You can utilize this facility by paying an amount directly to Amazon. With Amazon FBA, as a third-party seller, you can send your products directly to Amazon after listing yourself as an Amazon seller. 

With this feature, you can benefit from discounted shipping and fast delivery. By doing so, you can increase your revenue and become a top-rated seller on Amazon. However, as an Amazon reseller on FBA, it is best to avoid the sales of large products and items that have low value. 

It is when you have performed your research and identified how to position yourself as a seller it becomes easier for you. Therefore, it is best to rely upon Amazon sourcing software like Asinwiser or Khaos to do so.

Apart from Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfillment by Merchant or FBM is another excellent option. However, here, as a reseller, you would have to take all the initiatives related to selling. It ranges from handling your resources and sales directly without paying seller fees and utilizing the perks of shipping inventory by Amazon. Therefore, with Amazon FBA or FBM, you can enhance your sales in the central UK and other parts of the UK too.

Things to Consider as Amazon Seller

While becoming an Amazon seller, here are a few things to consider. 

• Selling Against Amazon

In most cases, Amazon comes as a competitor, and you need to be aware of that before you start selling. You can do so with ease by using a competitor analysis tool like Asinwiser, where you can delve into the details of the different products and their sellers. 

One of the issues with selling against Amazon, which is one of the best marketplaces to sell on, is that Amazon doesn’t facilitate you with any data. Amazon considers all its data its own, making it challenging for sellers to connect directly with their customers. It applies to other online selling platforms like yours or my eBay account. 

Therefore, to generate higher revenue, creating a strategy becomes essential, which is one thing you have to know when it comes to how to sell on Amazon. Here, you have to conduct extensive research to grow your business and take it to the next level. Before we head on to other points, here is something every seller needs to know on Amazon. It will help you when you proceed to sell on eBay by changing your personal eBay account to business.

Besides, you need to know what does EAN mean on Amazon while selling on Amazon.

Well, what is EAN on Amazon? It refers to European Article Number, which helps with product identification and other relevant details associated with the item. While selling on Amazon, you need to obtain an EAN by providing your company’s GTIN.

Selling Against the Manufacturer

In some cases, the manufacturer or the company itself will be selling its products directly on Amazon. It can be competitive when you decide to list your products against them. The chances are that the buyers would incline to purchase the items directly from the manufacturer. 

Therefore, it is best to conduct extensive research and identify the products before listing them on Amazon. However, performing these researches can be laborsome and time-consuming when you do it manually. Hence, it is best to rely upon Amazon sourcing software or stock control software like Asinwiser to enhance your performance.

How to Rank Higher While Selling on Amazon?

As part of understanding how to sell on Amazon, you need to work on improving your rankings too. Here are some ways that can help you boost your ranking on Amazon as a new supplier.

1. It depends on how well your team deals with returns and how you handle them efficiently. It is best to find out how to reduce product returns as well.

2. The traffic you get on your Amazon pages is a factor that can leverage your growth.

3. Click-through rate and conversion rates are other factors based on which Amazon will be ranking your product pages.

4. The availability of stocks and how well you have optimized your listings also impact your ranks on Amazon.

5. Most importantly, the feedback on your products can also determine how well your products will be placed on the listings.

Since Amazon is one of the best-selling sites in the UK, you have to work accordingly to increase sales and revenue generation. Some other ways by which you can improve your sales are through advertising on Amazon, optimizing your listings for SEO, enhancing your reviews, etc. Therefore, by working efficiently, you can grow your business on Amazon as a reseller with an Amazon seller account UK. Now, grow your business and find out your competitors with ease using a tool like Asinwiser.



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