How to Sell on Amazon USA from India

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How to Sell on Amazon USA from India


In the past, a businessman could only sell his goods or products in a narrow area or it would cost a large sum of money to ship the goods to other areas, which also came with many restrictions. 


Now, one need not be a wealthy businessman to look for clients in other states or even abroad, such as the USA. With today’s technology, one may do this from their own establishment with ease. 


Starting an online business requires you to create a website for the purpose of showcasing your products; if you don’t, you can utilize a third-party e-commerce gateway instead.




You must complete the following procedures in order to sell goods in the USA: sign up as a seller on, create a fulfilment and shipping plan, contact customer service, and accept returns. Take notice Even if you are already registered on to sell your products, you must also be registered on


How to Sell Products on Amazon USA on Amazon from India ( Registration and seller account on From India )


In order to sell products on Amazon USA from India, first you need to register on Then, you will be given a name, email address, and password. You can do this through online website or amazon selling app


Further, you must create a sellers account after registering on by giving your company information, a phone number, a legitimate foreign credit card, and tax information. 


Then, all you need to do is to simply get access via amazon seller login process and you will be directed to amazon seller dashboard. Here, you can get access to everything that you need as an amazon seller and obtain and track your amazon seller profit.  


If you are a US taxpayer, you must fill out a W-9 form; if you are a non-US taxpayer, you must fill out a W-8BEN form. 


A step-by-step online interview will be used to establish your status for this. Furthermore, you must also specify whether you wish to sell as a professional or as an individual. 


Further, professional sellers pay a monthly subscription fee plus an extra price for each item they sell, and individual sellers’ transactions are restricted to under forty. You must enter the things you intend to sell in both of your seller accounts. 


Please take note that the products you choose must adhere to USA regulations and requirements. While other products require Amazon’s permission, saleable items falling within the open category do not.


The Contact us form can be used to request approval if all requirements are met as specified by Amazon. Afterward, items may also be added or removed. Log into your seller account, select “Products for Sale,” and then input the quantity, price, details, and specs of the product, along with the shipping information and anticipated time of supply.


Fulfillment and Shipment


Amazon fba


You must send your products directly to your consumers abroad when customers from the USA order your goods on Amazon in order to complete these orders. Therefore, you must select a carrier that offers worldwide shipping. 


According to the terms and circumstances on the freight bill, the carrier serves as the broker by default. The Duties will be collected from the buyer after the delivery of the items.


Customers should receive correct information about the nation from which your products are being shipped. To manage client expectations, you should specifically specify the country that you are “shipping from” in your seller profile and provide actual delivery times from that nation. It will be your responsibility to fulfil the shipping requirements for all orders you receive.


The size and weight of your product, the delivery date, the source (where you are sending from), and the destination all go into the cost of international shipping (where you are shipping to).


You should be informed that in addition to the aforementioned fees, you will also have to pay taxes and customs duties. Any customs fees and taxes related to FBA inventory are not Amazon’s responsibility. Any packages that arrive at an Amazon fulfilment centre and have unpaid customs duties are sent back to the sender.


Understanding Amazon FBA


Amazon owns the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world. With the Fulfillment by Amazon India (Amazon FBA) service, you can store your goods at Amazon’s fulfilment facilities. You can get choosing, packing, and shipping services from Amazon. 


Additionally, Amazon will provide customer assistance for these goods. You can boost sales and reach more customers with Amazon FBA Business.


An alternative strategy for processing your foreign orders is to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in the country that corresponds to the Amazon marketplace where your products are listed, in this case, the USA.


Note: The best alternative for sellerboard is Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. You will get amazing features such as profitability calculator, competitor research, product research, and more. 



To sell your goods to clients who will be placing orders for them via Fulfillment by Amazon, you must ship your goods to an Amazon fulfilment centre in the USA for storage.


By utilising FBA, you may speed up delivery to clients, increase the value of your offerings, offer refunds, and support local languages. The Amazon fulfilment centre also handles the shipping operation.


Customer Support & Returns


You’ll need to manage more than just picking, packing, and delivering to clients. When customers have queries or reservations about your products, they anticipate receiving rapid, helpful support. Consequently, prompt local language assistance is required. You could be tempted to use computerised machine translation or to work with other service providers.


You must either give customers a local return address inside the country of your Amazon marketplace website or offer them free shipping for returns when you list things in an international marketplace and handle fulfilment yourself.


Fulfillment by Amazon: Customer Support


When you use Fulfillment by Amazon to deliver the purchases, Amazon will provide 24-hour customer assistance in the local tongue of the international clients on your behalf. 


Additionally, it will handle any questions or requests for customer support. Even exchanges, refunds, and partial refunds are handled. You can use a currency converter to receive money delivered to your location or open an account with a US bank to make payments.


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