How to stay competitive as an Amazon seller?

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Staying in sync with the latest trends might seem tedious, overwhelming, and not worth the effort. But whether you like it or not, you need to stay ahead of the competition to grow your business. There are millions of retailers trying to get a bigger slice of the market.   Therefore, you need to know what’s coming and how shoppers behave to have a fair chance in this competition. 

Although it might seem like a lot, let’s keep in mind that Amazon loves to make eCommerce easy for both the seller and the shopper, and researching trends on Amazon is no exception. First, you can identify a product niche or a gap in the market that isn’t already covered.

Alternatively, you can recognize the products that are previously in high demand and profit on these markets. The problem is that identifying a break in the market can be a substantial business move, and it can also be dangerous.

Before we dive into it, it’s essential to understand how to find high demand on Amazon? 

How to find what products to sell on Amazon

The one aspect that authorities emphasize if you want to establish as an Amazon seller is market evaluation. Consequently, it becomes essential to do individual Amazon product research diving. Newbie sellers explore alternative marketing programs such as retail arbitrage as the entire means of being a seller on Amazon. 

Here are eight ways to find high demand products to sell on Amazon.

1. Amazon Best Sellers

Amazon Best Sellers is in an excellent position, to begin with, the product research. It is presumably one of the easiest methods to identify high-demand products according to your niche. The Amazon best sellers page provides us with a list of the top 100 best-selling products. This is a quick approach to finding the ideal products to start your business. Considering you are a newbie seller and require to begin everything entirely from scratch, then you don’t have a specific product in mind. That’s why it is one of the best places to start with. Amazon Best Sellers Page provides you with the top 100 best-selling products in any category or sub-category.

2. Identify Product Demand on Amazon 

Apart from finding products in the Amazon bestseller list, sellers must consider the product demand on Amazon based on the categories. The high demands category, medium demands category, and low needs category, if you already know the product demand per category, sellers can easily find a product. Finding a product that will help with a more stable flow instead of just a peak of seasonal trends. The improved demand category must be one of the most desired categories for sellers. This implies you will have more competition in that particular category.

3. Find profitable Amazon products

A good Best Sellers Rank does not necessarily mean it is an excellent product for private labels and sales. To help you discover just how effective your product of choice could be for your business. While the seller can still make money selling a high quantity of items with a low-profit margin. Successful Amazon sellers typically try to find products with a 100% mark-up, a 50% profit margin. Another factor that plays a vital role is the size and weight of the product. The larger and heavier it is, the more it will cost you to import from the supplier, and ship products to the customer. It would be better if you also were concerned about delicate products, as they are more prone to be damaged during transit.

4. Seasonal demand

Seasonal demand is also worth considering about the shelf life of the item. This will depend on whether you want to get a product that will sell consistently well all year round or yearly. For instance, phone cases demand tech accessories and drop as new models are released. Hence, a seller needs to be aware of inventory turnover and guarantee that stock isn’t becoming out-of-date. 

5. Listing Optimization

 If you’re not investing your time into developing your product listing on Amazon. Of course, the more product listings you have, the more complicated and time-consuming it gets. It is hard to maintain, update and optimize, primarily marketing on various stores and marketplaces. That’s why it is worth reviewing your opportunities with inventory and listing management software. Hence, it will save your time, increase productivity and accelerate growth.

6. Product titles

Product titles on Amazon tend to be longer than with other marketplaces because Amazon provides you 500 characters and supports you to make applications of them all.  Because the listings with longer, keyword-rich titles perform better and finally exceed shorter titles. These titles must include pertinent information, employing keywords that your target customers search for. 

7. Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

Amazon Best Sellers lists provide the top 100 products.  Every product on Amazon has a BSR found on the product details page of any product listed. Amazon’s best sellers rank guide seller’s about the appropriate category and subcategory concerning product sales. Having a deeper understanding of the current trends can help you learn about the Amazon Best Seller Ranks. The product’s detail page usually offers us extra information such as the product’s weight, customer reviews, and best seller ranks. And sellers need to focus on and pay attention to where the product ranks and in what category. Hence, will help sellers to choose the most popular products to sell and make more profit.

8. Advertise with Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products is an advertising opportunity on the marketplace, promoting your listings and becoming more control over your visibility. Product listing optimization can help improve your organic search position, and there are other ways to boost your visibility on Amazon. 

For any products you want to promote through Sponsored Products, you will be capable of assigning relevant keywords and starting a cost-per-click bid. Furthermore, products will only be disclosed to consumers seeking your given relevant keywords, and you will only be charged when a buyer clicks on your advertisement. 

Final Takeaway

Product research is a time-consuming process.  Furthermore, to make the matter worse, it isn’t simple. However, with the ideas expressed above, you’ve got to understand what & how to find high-demand, low, competitive products. Now, all you need to do is to execute those ideas. Don’t forget implementation is essential. Start with one strategy at a time & then move further. Analyze what works the best for you. Repeat the successful strategy with more products.



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