How to use Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator in 2022?

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How to use Amazon FBA UK Calculator?

Nowadays many online retailers find it easier to sell on Amazon than on other existing eCommerce platforms because of the advantages offered by Amazon FBA. Using Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, sellers can list their products on the Amazon marketplace. 

Amazon FBA program manages the selection, packing, and shipping of products on the seller’s behalf. In addition to this, Amazon also provides a free Amazon FBA UK calculator to assist sellers in calculating Amazon fees, as per the company’s standard. 

Amazon FBA suppliers must use the Amazon FBA calculator to earn hefty profits. But do you know how to use Amazon FBA UK Calculator?

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Don’t worry if you hold no expertise of using the Amazon FBA UK Calculator. We are here to help you.

What is Amazon FBA Calculator?

Amazon FBA revenue calculator is a tool designed by Amazon for sellers to measure product profitability after estimated FBA fees. This free tool enables Amazon approved wholesalers, to determine the maximum profit of their products.

When You Should Use an Amazon FBA UK Calculator?

To find new things to sell on Amazon and estimate the probable profit margin, Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers in the U.K can benefit the most by using the Amazon FBA calculator. In addition, this tool also calculates the actual FBA costs associated with that product on a per-unit basis, hence allowing you to plan ahead of time. 

You may use this information to determine what kind of product cost budget range you need to maintain or decide on your minimum customer pricing to be viable and what type of margin you could gain by charging a higher customer price for your products. Another excellent use of this calculator is to examine the impact of raising or decreasing a particular item’s retail price or production cost on margins. This tool is convenient if you consider converting from a merchant-fulfilled model to an FBA approach since it gives a clear side-by-side comparison of expenses and margins between the two models.

How to use Amazon FBA Revenue Calculator?

Amazon FBA revenue calculator is used to calculate the value of existing products. Its purpose is to educate you about the profit you can expect after deducting FBA costs from your total earnings. Dimensions, size, and storage expenditures are taken into consideration when calculating FBA fees for Amazon FBA suppliers.

In this section, we will teach you how to use the Amazon FBA revenue calculator.

Step 1: Complete the Product Information section

  • Start the process by entering the product specification. To identify the product, you must add ASIN, UPC, ISBN, or EAN barcodes. 
  • Select any of the information above, copy and paste it into the search window, and then hit the search button.

Step 2: Fill in the data in the Amazon Fulfillment Column with the appropriate information

Please type in a few figures that you want to experiment with to see what margins you can get at different price points. Once you’ve input the values for “Selling on Amazon Fees,” you’ll need to fill in the “Cost of the Product area.”

Amazon FBA suppliers can experiment with different values for the average per-unit selling price of a product to see what works best. There may also be other costs associated with development, shipping, and fulfilment that need to be considered. If you don’t have exact figures, you can make educated estimates and still complete the calculation.

If you are searching for similar things on Amazon, compare their prices and understand the pricing range and margin impact of different prices.

Step 3: Create your reports.

A report indicating your prospective profit margin will be generated when you’ve input all of the relevant information into the Amazon revenue calculator.

The profit margins for FBA and FBM will be compared in the calculator to help you in making a sound choice about wholesale products to sell on amazon. 

Apart from calculating net profit and net margin, you can also calculate expenditure using the FBA revenue calculator, which will provide all the information you need to make the best product choices for your amazon wholesale UK store

It also includes bar graphs to help you understand how various numbers are displayed. You may modify a variety of parameters, and the calculator will show the potential outcomes of FBA for each of them.

Step 4: Cost of Product field 

The Cost of Product field in the calculator is the final stage before submitting the results. If you’re purchasing a product from a UK wholesale supplier, you need to provide the cost per unit that you paid. 

Keep in mind that, this is “all-in” pricing that includes packaging materials, international shipping charges, customs fees, or other fees that are paid while purchasing the product. 

Is it a wise decision to invest in an Amazon FBA calculator?

The cutthroat competition in the Amazon marketplace has made the Amazon FBA calculator a prerequisite tool. Undoubtedly, the Amazon FBA calculator offers a plethora of benefits to Amazon FBA sellers, especially inexperienced ones. But as per Amazon sellers who have used the free FBA calculator are already aware of how time-consuming the process is. 

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We hope this helps. Stay tuned for the next blog.