In Detail: Amazon Restricted Categories

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In Detail: Amazon Restricted Categories 


As an online seller on Amazon, you have to consider certain aspects while selling online. After tons of research and analysis, you list down products that are in demand with low competition. However, you also may end up being disappointed when you see that those products lie in the restricted categories on Amazon. 


Amazon’s s restricted categories have strict rules and regulations that need to be followed by online sellers.  In this article, we will learn all elements related to Amazon’s restricted categories. Let’s start. 


Amazon’s Product Compliance and Safety Regulations


There are two sets of requirements to follow when it comes to Amazon’s compliance and safety regulations:

Those for restricted categories and those for restricted categories products.


Categories that need Amazon’s Approval 


As the rules for gated categories vary from one to the next. Therefore, Amazon does not have a uniform set of criteria for evaluating. No matter if you can list in a specific category without providing additional information for approval.


However, if you need Amazon’s permission to sell in a specific category, the approval procedure may require few steps to implement. You have to pay additional fees, submit performance checks, and take any other steps Amazon considers essential.


Gated Categories on Amazon 


Amazon is easing up on its limitations in the broadest categories. Instead, it limits access to sub-category specializations. As a result, the restricted categories list is much less than the restricted products list (more on this below).


These are the Amazon categories that are now restricted:


Entertainment Collectibles

Fine Art

Collectible Coins

Personal Safety and Household products

Holiday Selling Requirements in Toys & Games

Music & DVD

Automotive & Powersports


Sports Collectibles


Streaming Media Players

Video, DVD, & Blu-ray


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Sell in Restricted Categories


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to engaging Amazon-restricted categories, and some are far easier to sell in than others.


According to Amazon, sources on the internet, and my own experience, here is the list of a quick how-to instruction for some of Amazon’s gated categories.


Automotive and Powersports 


You must be following a professional selling strategy.


You’ll need compliant product images that can be viewed on a third-party website or an image hosting site.


Universal product codes must be listed for all major brands (UPCs).


The manufacturer or remanufacturer must provide a warranty on all certified reconditioned Automotive & Powersports products.


If you wish to sell fitment-specific products, you must have thoroughly examined the Automotive & Powersports Part Finder and Fitment Data page (products that only fit certain vehicles).


Sports Collectibles 


Signatures, limited editions, and other features that raise the value of a product for collectors are all examples of sports collectibles.


According to Amazon:


Maintain a 0.75 percent or lower-order defect rate.


Maintain your Professional selling strategy.


One or more of the entities listed below must authenticate or grade the majority of the products listed:


Mounted Memories

NFL Players Inc.

Fanatics Authentic


Grey Flannel

Highland Mint

Icon Sports Memorabilia

Ace Authentic

Beckett Grading Services

James Spence Authentication (JSA)

Major League Baseball (MLB Authenticated)

 MeiGray Group

Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA)

Beckett Collectors Club Grading (BCCG)

Panini Authentic

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

PSA/DNA Authentication Services

Steiner Sports

Topps Collectibles

Tristar Authentic

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA)

 Sportscard Guaranty (SGC)

Becket Grading Services (BGS)


Games and Toys


During the holidays, Amazon restricts toy and game sales to experienced vendors. While toys for children aged 14 and under are included in this category, it also contains strategy board games, collectibles, drones, and other adult-oriented products.


Amazon states: 


In the months running up to the start of the holiday season, you must have processed and shipped a particular quantity of orders (typically, September 1 through October 31). It is not necessary for the orders to be unique to the Toys store.


In the month coming up to the holiday season, pre-fulfillment cancel rates must be no more than 1.75 percent (typically October).


In the month preceding up to the holiday season, late shipment rates must not exceed 4%. (typically October).


As of the first day of the holiday season, order failure rates must be less than 1% in the short term (typically November 1).


Hope this article helped you to understand the concept of Restricted Categories on Amazon. 



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