In Detail: Best Amazon Sales Estimator Tools

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In Detail: Best Amazon Sales Estimator Tools 




Amazon Sales Estimator Tools are used to check average monthly sales. These tools are built up in such a way to provide the benefit for built inventory and for specific categories and products as well.


It’s most important to have at least one Amazon Sales Estimator because product research is a time consuming task and can be extremely frustrating as well. 


The process of research becomes easier by using the Amazon Sales Estimators tools, additionally you get a lot of relevant data to work with. It allows in finding opportunities backed by data, which helps you to maximize the profit and reduce risk.


There are various tools available for the Amazon Sale Estimation. Let’s know about the most popular ones.


1. AMZScout


AMZScout is an online Amazon estimator tool, which makes it easy to use because to use this you do not need to install the software to your system that can consume a lot of space and slow down the system.  The working process of this estimator uses a product’s sales rank to estimate sales. 


For this you just need to input the product’s ranking and run it. It means the user should be aware about the product’s ranking so that they can have a rough estimate of the sales. This tool is considered as the most reliable one in the list of Amazon Sales Estimator Tools.




By comparison with the other tools, the price of the AMZScout sale estimator is somewhere in the middle. A 7-days free trial is available for AMZScout to use the free Sales Estimator and FBA Fee Calculator website tools. After the trial, you can easily decide about its packages. You can purchase it for lifetime as well.


2. ASINspector


It stands out as the most accurate Amazon sales estimator tool. It provides accurate data of monthly sale volume for the products and has great customer reviews to back that up. It has a most valuable set of features that even allows you to find the products you are selling and their price values on the other marketplaces. 


For now, it’s available in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, and Germany. It gives the most accurate sales information to the uses due to its capable and responsive set of tools. It includes a profit calculator with the product page analysis, warranty, packaging, and UPC information, and a UPC barcode scanner. 




ASINspector has two simple pricing models:

1. ASINspector Standard – $97 one time payment

2. ASINspector Pro+ – $187 one time payment


The standard package has all the basic advantages but doesn’t allow you to make use of the several bells and wishlists in the pro package. 


 A user can blindly trust it so go for the ASINspector if you are looking for the best Amazon Sales Estimator tool.


3. Helium 10


Helium 10 is an Amazon Sales Estimator Tool that offers a lot of services under one roof. It contains keyword rank trackers, sales estimators, and duplicate eliminators, etc.


Helium 10 Scribbles


In Helium 10 the feature of Scribbles allows you to input a list of keywords. This tool is capable of deleting any duplicate keywords in your listing and allows you to enter the rest of the keywords into backend keyword fields. This will be helpful by saving you valuable time and effort while optimizing your products for search engines.


Helium 10 Frankenstein


It permits you to input thousands of keywords. You can easily remove the word that you want to be removed plus duplicative words also and sort through the clutter. 




The Pricing Model of Helium 10 having 4 plans which are:

1. Free: no cost

2. Platinum: $97

3. Diamond: $197

4. Elite: $397


All these plans are focused on keywords. If you are willing to invest in SEO,  go for the Platinum plan because it offers the most value for money.



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