In Detail: eBay Buyer Scams

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In Detail: eBay Buyer Scams 


Each coin has two sides. The same goes for Online Shopping. Although, it has definitely made our lives easier. But, on the other hand, it also has some serious drawbacks. It primarily includes online scammers who exploit customers. 


In this article, we have discussed in detail the common scams that you need to know before doing online shopping. 


5 Common eBay Scams 


Although, you can purchase products on eBay directly. But, some scammers could easily defraud customers in certain ways. Here is the list of common eBay scams for buyers:


1. Empty Box


If you’re looking for a highly popular item that’s garnering a lot of media attention, have limited availability. And, it is also hard to find elsewhere. Then, get an alert because this could be a big scam to fool customers. 


Furthermore, you may see the desired item for sale and act quickly to obtain it. Also, sometimes you even pay higher. Unfortunately, due to such haste, you may have overlooked the fact that the listing only listed the box in which the item arrived, not the item itself.


2. Payment outside Relevant Platform


Buyers and sellers are only protected by eBay’s security features. However, this is the case only if you make transactions directly on the relevant eCommerce platform.  


Therefore, you need to stay aware of fraud sellers when they list products for sale. And, they further ask for payment outside the platform. Moreover, they may, for example, request cash, a bank transfer, a cheque, a money order, or even gift cards.


3. Gift Card Frauds 


Note that victims of gift card scams are contacted by phone, email, or social media. Moreover, they generally generate a sense of urgency such as limited units, limited time offer, and more. 


Furthermore, to make payment, the scammer will ask for the victim’s gift card number. Later, they disappear once they obtain the code and make off with your gift card balance.


4. Non-Delivery Frauds 


Buyers are protected from dishonest sellers by an eBay money-back guarantee, with some exceptions. Furthermore, the following is a list of things that are not protected. They further take the money and fail to send items.  Also, they don’t then further give a response to the customers and ghost them. Check out the list:


Businesses for sale

Classified ads

Real estate

Websites for sale


Some categories of business equipment

Items sold by Sotheby’s



5. Fraud Customer Service


A fraudulent eBay customer service number can be added to a seller’s profile or the product page. Furthermore, when something goes wrong with your order, such as it not arriving or being the wrong item, the victim dials this number. 


Further, the con artist poses as an eBay customer service representative and persuades the victim to pass over money or personal information. Then, in such circumstances, the con artist will claim that they require access to the victim’s bank account in order to complete a reimbursement. So, make sure that you avoid these scammers and don’t provide any personal confidential information to them. 


Protect Yourself


eBay is well aware of the fact that it is a target for scammers. Therefore, they work well with law enforcement and advise victims of scams to file a police report with their local authorities. 


Furthermore, Visit the eBay Security Center to learn more about how to report a scam to the police and how eBay is involved.



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