In Detail: Merchant Words Vs Jungle Scout

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In Detail: Merchant Words Vs Jungle Scout




Merchant Words vs Jungle Scout both are third-party tools that allow you to grow your Amazon business. In this article, we will discuss some key differences between them. 


Merchant Words


Merchant Words is an Amazon research and seller tool that helps you to scale up your Amazon business. This tool helps you to find product opportunities and create campaigns that will be profitable. 


Additionally, by this, you can also boost your traffic and increase your profit by increasing your sales. The company was started in 2012 by George Lawrence, the CEO, and founder of Merchant Words. 


It is an integrated suite of Amazon data tools. They included:


1. Data Analysis

2. Keywords research and ranking tool

3. Listing advisor and optimization

4. Search trend database

5. Keyword collections tool


Jungle Scout


Jungle Scout is a seller tool that is built for Amazon Sellers. It helps to build a profitable Amazon Business with growth. Jungle Scout covers everything so no matter if you are a new Amazon seller or growing your existing business. Jungle Scout also provides a customer support system that guides you through every step towards success.


Jungle Scout has enterprise resolutions for brands, retailers, agencies, and analysts. It puts the entire catalog of Amazon at your fingertips. More ever to determine the best product to sell, you can apply filter across multiple categories based on parameters such as:


1. Rating

2. Dimensions

3. Product Demand

4. Seasonality

5. Price and estimated Sales


The company was started in 2015 by Greg Mercer. It supported more than 200,000 businesses, and also tracked over 175 billion products.


Some incredible features of Jungle Scout are:


1. Product Tracker

2. Inventory Manager

3. Supplier Database

4. Product Database

5. Sales Analytics

6. Keyword Scout


Difference between Merchant Words vs Jungle Scout


1. Price


Jungle Scout: Starting at $39 monthly.

Merchant Words: Starting at $29 monthly.


2. Free Trial


Jungle Scout: Jungle Scout offers a 14-day free trial!

Merchant Words: There is no free trial available in Merchant Words


3. Alternatives


Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout vs AmazeOwl

Jungle Scout vs AMZ Tracker

Jungle Scout vs Boost Nine


Merchant Words 

Merchant Words vs Viral Launch

Merchant Words vs Sellics

Merchant Words vs AmzScout


4. Features


Jungle Scout offers more features than Merchant Words 


Jungle Scout

1. Product Research

2. Keyword Research

3. Finding Suppliers

4. Listing Optimizer

5. Keyword Rank Tracker

6. Product Launch

7. Profit Dashboard


Merchant Words 

1. Amazon Data Analysis

2. Available for 11 Amazon marketplaces

3. 1.6 Billion Keywords in the database


5. Ease Of Use


Jungle Scout

Learning to use an FBA tool is complicated a little bit but Jungle Scout is the best tool for the growth of your Amazon business.


Merchant Words

Merchant Words is very simple to use. Moreover, the keyword search tool offers instant results and ranking to help you make product decisions.


6. Product Launch


Jungle Scout

With this tool, merchants can leverage the marketplace to launch and sell their products. By this, it helps you to launch and promote your products.

Sellers can send personalized email campaigns to provide product reviews. 


Merchant Words

Merchant Words does not help with the product launch itself but you can combine other features of it to prepare for and launch your amazon Product


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