5 Innovative Ways to Liquidate Excess Amazon Inventory in 2022 like a Pro

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5 innovative ways to liquidate excess Amazon inventory in 2022 like a pro

Selling as an FBA seller with slow-selling inventory will often permit sellers to reimburse a decent profit. Being an Amazon seller, you will most likely liquidate excess inventory. Clearing stock is a standard feature for running FBA business on Amazon.

Liquidating inventory stock doesn’t at all times result in a loss; hence the perfect solution could allow you to earn profit. So, if you have surplus Amazon inventory, it is no good to dust it in a warehouse. Liquidating your stock should be a final resort once you have tried several other methods. 

Though there are several means to sell Amazon inventory, we have curated five alternatives that are the most appropriate for you.

1. Create a Bundle

Bundling is an intelligent method to reach higher-end consumers or more products while getting relief from rejected inventory. Combining an avoided product with a best-selling product is a resourceful approach to liquidating excess Amazon inventory effectively. By creating a bundle of products together, you can increase the total price of the bundle and, at the same time, offer a unique bundle offer to your customers. If you take advantage of this strategy, make sure your bundled products must complement each other to attract the consumer. 

2. Sell to Your Competitors

Do you know your closest competitor would rather lose money to you by buying out your product than lose money competing with you? 

This strategy will depend on your product and whether it’s your brand, someone else’s brand, or unbranded. The more familiar your products are, the better chances you have of discharging them to a competitor. They are hardly likely to want a stock with your branding on it. You will demand to hone your negotiating skills. This one aims to try and accomplish your original cost price to minimize any loss.

3. Increase your PPC budget

Suppose your stock isn’t selling simply because there are not enough people aware of it. Then you can increase your PPC advertising bids to push the product. Increasing your PPC (pay-per-click) could use up this tactic and try to increase your advertising budget to drive more traffic to your product listing. You can adhere to traditional keyword-targeted PPC campaigns or go for Sponsored Products or Headline Search Ads if you want. This alternative comes at a cost, and if there are considerable shortcomings with your product listing. These efforts might not give you the ROI (return on investment) you are expecting.

An intelligent software tool—Asinwiser— is what you need as an Amazon. It is an impeccable solution for your all needs, including product research,  competitor research, and profitability calculator.

4. Use an Amazon Liquidation for Inventory Management

A liquidator is a particular type of Amazon seller that purchases products and then sells across their network of stores. They may sell directly to retailers that narrow down discounted name brands’ choices because their entire sale depends on granting business owners inventory solutions. Therefore, as a result, using liquidation is a solid option for managing Amazon’s inventory. As long as you get a great deal, Amazon FBA sellers were confronting the same struggles with desiring liquidation solutions for their Amazon FBA inventory. Hence, Amazon made a smart move to develop a liquidation program for their sellers.

5. Destroy your inventory

If you pay to remove the stock and pay again to have it destroyed, you will need to make a disposal request and pay a certain fee. But by destroying the stock, you gain the remaining control, and others won’t be able to belittle your brand as there are very high chances of stock being sold through liquidators if you could jeopardize your good review rating or have a competitor use that Amazon inventory to come after the rest of your brand.

Final Words

Remember, it’s not uncommon for a business to find itself in a situation where a product is underperforming, and the seller ends up sitting on the excess stock. And when this happens, sometimes the only choice is liquidating that Amazon inventory. It is simply a learning experience and an opportunity to move on to your next venture. There are investors and certain types of online sellers who will buy an Amazon FBA wholesale business that is declining. Hence, this will help you earn a decent profit.


We understand that there are many issues that Amazon sellers deal with. That’s why we have designed a seller-centric intelligent tool- Asinwiser. Get in touch with our experts to get the maximum benefit of this innovative tool.