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Inventory Lab: Streamlining Your Amazon Business Like a Pro

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Inventory Lab: Streamlining Your Amazon Business Like a Pro 


Whether you are a newbie, mid-sized or established Amazon seller if you have no track record of inventory then your business can actually fail. For the smooth functioning of your Amazon store, every seller needs an inventory management software amazon.  Here we have an appropriate recommendation for you i.e; Inventory Lab. Now with Inventorylab, you can easily find new products to sell and track Amazon seller inventory.


Inventory Labs is an  Amazon FBA inventory management software. It is a third-party Amazon seller inventory software which will help sellers to keep track of products in their inventory. Inventory lab software is quite helpful in knowing which product is in most’s demand as it automatically tracks available products in stock. It is safe to say that inventorylabs is a stop solution for Amazon sellers.


Well, the Inventory lab consists of two tools Stratify and Scoutify. According to the company’s website, “InventoryLab provides innovative and effective solutions. With Stratify you’ll research products, list and manage your inventory, track your expenses, analyze your profitability and more. Our Scoutify app gives you a powerful advantage when sourcing profitable FBA inventory for your business using your mobile device.” Using Stratify and the Scoutify app, InventoryLab will streamline your Amazon business like a pro.


If you are an online Amazon seller, then you must have an intelligent tool that will guide your business towards success by targeting the brand story, right keyword, products research, analyzing competitors, fba calculator, fba fee calculator and so much more. Get your ticket to success today!




1. Stratify App


Stratify is Inventory Lab’s web-based most powerful and all-in-one platform on the market today. This app helps in managing amazon inventory and provides real-time research, accounts, and a lot more other operation. 


Product list


Stratify backs Inventory lab for product listing, printing product labels, analysing costs and keep a track of your earned profit. Stratify App is also helpful in building FBA shipments.


Strong Data Research


Stratify is a useful tool for conducting product research and is known for delivering accurate data to sellers. This is also a best-in-market Amazon research software that helps sellers save tons of the time they used to spend on complaining data.




Bookkeeping is one of the most significant amazon seller inventory software that InventoryLab has. Bookkeeping is not everyone’s cup of tea as it entails too many human errors in calculations. But this accounting tool is a boon for Amazon sellers.


Detailed Reporting


Detailed reports can help sellers know which product and its category are profitable for the business and Stratify can help you with it. Stratify application can help you break down profit into SKU, ASIN and category.


Inventory Management


Keeping track of inventory for Amazon is not easy. Because that’s not something an Amazon seller can do by himself. However, you can let the Amazon inventory app do this job for you. With this tool, you can track stock levels and sales value.


Need a repricing tool that gets along with InventoryLab to automate listings, and increase sales and profits? Use Asinwiser’s Repricer tool.


amazon repricer


2. Scoutify App


Scoutify app is an inventory lab tool which is highly compatible with mobile devices. This is a mobile-based application which enables sellers to do hassle-free product sourcing from the Amazon store.


Some of the notable features of Scoutify application are:


Inventory lab barcode scanner: To scan product 

Product ranking


Sales History

Return on Investment (ROI)


3. Barcode Scanner


The inventory lab barcode scanner is one of the most crucial features of Scoutify Application. Using these built-in barcode scanners sellers can scan products or pair the tool with their Bluetooth scanning device. Using the Inventory lab barcode scanner sellers don’t need to manually enter in SKU.


By enabling this tool on your mobile devices you can scan Amazon products and get the following information:


Product name

Number of offers


Buy Box

Current ranking

Amazon category

The total count of the product in the category


Highly Accessible

Scoutify is extremely accessible and can be operated from n number of mobile devices by sharing your account.



Scoutify has made Amazon sellers more independent as it has enabled them to know the product’s profitability that too at their fingertips. All they need to do is enter the cost per unit and hit enter. 


Who should you use Inventory Lab software?


Inventory lab is an ideal software for Amazon sellers and models such as online retail arbitrage, wholesale, and private label. This tool is must use inventory lab for Amazon sellers who wish to do the following things: 


Product listing on Seller Central

Printing labels

Organizing products according to the FBA fulfilment centre.


Product scanning


Amazon sellers use inventory lab software to generate revenue. Note there is another seller software,  Asinwiser, that takes it to the next step to increase your online success.


Having an intelligent software tool—Asinwiser—for online sellers will assist you to run your business in the right direction. is an excellent solution that will help you to target your potential audience with its all-in-one features such as brand story, product research, competitor research, profitability calculator, fba calculator, fba fee calculator and so on.


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