Is Amazon still worthwhile?

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Amazon is a vast eCommerce marketplace and a bread butter for many sellers. It’s a platform that offers enormous reach, and notably, a massive potential for Amazon U.K. sellers. Amazon is a favorite marketplace of the seller to reach a broad audience in Europe by using the opportunity to sell across six countries.

Undoubtedly, selling on Amazon can change the dynamic of your business. Yet, many Amazon sellers are hesitant to expand their reach into other countries. 

While Amazon still attracts retailers that offer the same products as other offline retailers, the secret to long-term success entails persistence and the best customer service much more.

Do you know the wonderful thing about selling on Amazon is that Amazon offers the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people on their platform?

If you think that Amazon offers a great opportunity and will help you make a lot of money and add to your success, Amazon is worth investing time and money.

However, if you constantly live under the shadow of fear and self-doubt, you’ll never succeed in starting the business of your dreams. The journey to success is filled with roadblocks, but everything is worth it when you reach your destination.

How Covid-19 pandemic impact Amazon’s business?

Last year the government implemented a lockdown to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Coronavirus has completely changed how we run our businesses, celebrate holidays and birthdays, and complete everyday tasks.

eCommerce websites such as Amazon and eBay thrived during this time. 

Do you know, Amazon revenue has increased 46% in the previous year as an increase in demand for home deliveries due to the pandemic.

Amazon’s profit in the first three months of 2021 reached $8.1bn (£5.8bn), which is more than triple what it was in the same last year. 

Amazon’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky, informed that many businesses had outsourced their technology infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. So we can say that Amazon U.K. made a decent profit in 2020.

There is no surprise that Amazon continues to grow its dimensions from 48 percent to a majority of 52 percent of the eCommerce market by the end of 2019. Even in 2020, shipping halt and delays that couldn’t impact businesses and sellers as it was anticipated by the experts.

With a vast network, Amazon assures that sellers’ products are being sold and delivered on time to the customers.

Amazon launched the Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program to improve Amazon’s platform and customer requirements. Seller Fulfilled Prime is the Prime program that permits sellers to deliver directly to domestic Prime customers from their warehouse. By displaying the Prime badge, you commit to fulfilling orders with approved Prime delivery carriers at no additional charge for Prime customers. The program is designed to help sellers meet customer demand efficiently and with greater satisfaction while maintaining credibility. Amazon is well-versed. After all, it makes sense to support its sellers because it’s the third-party seller that continues to make it so successful.

Even before 2020, numbers have been unwaveringly amplified by people who rely on online shopping for everything from household goods to buying gifts. Being living in the digital age, buyers make most of the purchase smartphones, tablets, and desktops to research and buy products. 

Amazon sellers will make a decent profit in 2021 and beyond, with new opportunities that will come their way.

What’s the future plan of sellers?

Whether you’re just getting stepped in Amazon’s world or you’re an experienced business that wants to expand your business. An e-commerce website is here to stay worthwhile and will only continue to grow with time. It’s totally up to you how you decide to use it to your advantage and gain maximum profit. At the end, it’s totally your call how you want to expand your online retail business on Amazon.



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