Is Credit Card Details Safe on Amazon?

Is Credit Card Details Safe on Amazon?

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Is Credit Card Details Safe on Amazon?

Amazon is the leading eCommerce business that handles millions of transactions every single day. Moreover, it ships approximately 1.6 million packages per day. Such heavy credit cards on Amazon transactions also attract cybercriminals’ frauds as well. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit card fraud occurs due to a lack of vigilance from the card holder’s end. Therefore, it is crucial to stay safe and secure when purchasing online. However, Amazon makes sure to meet all the safety protocols to protect your online data. 

This article has summarised Amazon’s safeguard features and how you should protect your privacy as well. Read till the end so that you don’t miss out on any information. 

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Featured Encryption

Amazon offers customers to choose their desired payment methods. It includes debit and credit cards. The prominent feature Amazon uses is Secure Sockets Layer software (SSL).

This software encrypts the card number details and makes it impossible for anyone to read them. Moreover, decoding the encryption would require two ‘keys.’ Therefore, the information will be indecipherable and no one would be able to steal or intercept your information without keys. 

In addition, when you order on Amazon, the site will only show the last four digits of your credit card. It provides safety and security to your account. Besides credit cards, customers can make payments via other methods as well. It can be paid directly from your bank account or Amazon Payments that is linked directly to your bank. 

Safety & Security

Amazon safeguards your credit card information. All the account and payment details are safe and secured and no question arises of fail-security. However, even if your information somehow gets stolen by cybercriminals, they still won’t have complete access to your cash.

Moreover, your case will be investigated by the financial institution. In any case, fraud happened by using your credit card on Amazon then you can report it. Plus, you will be liable for $50.


The foremost step you need to make sure of is to always keep a strong password for your account. On the other hand, Amazon does its part to keep your financial data safe and secured.

Furthermore, during sales, Amazon implements multiple ways to keep its customer’s financial information safe through all means. It includes a method where Amazon gets in touch directly with the customer’s credit card issuer. It helps to verify that the credit card on Amazon is valid and not reported stolen. 

Protection & Prevention

Make sure to provide your details of the credit card on Amazon to only authentic and reputable companies when you do online shopping. Moreover, Amazon takes only those online retailers who qualify as a reputable brand or company.

In addition, you can get a printed copy of your Amazon purchased items receipts. Therefore, you can easily have access to all the records and can find out fraud if occurred. A final tip that Amazon provides is to never share your credit card information on email or another source for payment.

Amazon Payment Mode

It would be best if you directly purchase items from Amazon with your credit card. This way you can have safety and security for your credit card on Amazon. However, when you are dealing with individual sellers or third-party sellers, make sure to use the Amazon Payment services. 

Through Amazon Payment methods you have the option to add your money to your Amazon Payment account. You can do that by adding money to your bank account. So, when dealing with third-party, using Amazon Payment is the best option instead of a credit card. As you keep your bank details secure and payment via Amazon is safer to use. Lastly, the Amazon Payment method also uses SSL encryption software to encrypt your financial data. 


We hope this article will provide you information regarding your Credit Card for Amazon transactions so that you can work the best for your business. To make your business a huge success, get in touch with the Asinwiser team today!