Know Everything About MerchantWords

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Know Everything About MerchantWords


If you are looking for an excellent Amazon product research tool, then MerchantWords is the best option. Furthermore, it is an easy-to-use platform for online sellers to search for keywords and product research tools. 


In this article, we have discussed all aspects of MerchantWords. It includes:


● About MerchantWords

 MerchantWords Advantages

 MerchantWords Disadvantages

 MerchantWords Pricing

 MerchantWords Alternatives


About MerchantWords 


For Amazon merchants, MerchantWords is a set of keyword and product research tools. It was first released in 2012. Moreover, it’s perfect for sellers who need to do a lot of keyword research because it allows you to search in bulk and organize your keywords into categories.


MerchantWords Advantages


Following is the list of pros of MerchantWords. It includes:


Very simple to use.


Search results that are simple to comprehend


It gives you a lot of information about the best-performing keywords.


Allows you to keep track of your keyword research.


MerchantWords Disadvantages 


Following is the list of cons of MerchantWords. It includes:


When compared to other platforms, it is a little costly.


Only useful for keyword and product research; no further features.


MerchantWords Pricing 


Merchant Word has a simple pricing structure. There are three pricing options available:


Silver – $29/month Gold – $79/month Platinum – $149/month
Single Country Regional Searches Global Searches
1 User 1 User 3 Users
500 Monthly Searches 1000 Monthly Searches Unlimited Monthly Searches
CSV Downloads CSV Downloads CSV Downloads
5 Digital Shelf Reports 50 Digital Shelf Reports 500 Reports
25 Market Insight Searches 100 Market Insight Searches 10,000 Searches
10 Keyword Collections 100 Keyword Collections 1000 Keyword Collections
Bulk Search  Bulk Search  Bulk Search 
Classic Search Classic Search Classic Search
Keyword Explorer Keyword Explorer Keyword Explorer
Page 1 Products Page 1 Products Page 1 Products
Keyword Multiplier Keyword Multiplier
Emerging Trends Emerging Trends


MerchantWords Alternatives


Following is the list of alternatives of MerchantWords. Let’s check:


 AMZScout provides a set of tools for Amazon sellers, including a browser extension and some free applications that are available to anyone. Furthermore, there are also seminars and tutorials available for new users. 


JungleScout is a well-known marketplace for Amazon vendors. Furthermore, Keyword research, niche hunting, sales analytics, and more are all available. It also includes a Google Chrome and Firefox browser extension. Also, more information can be found in our JungleScout versus MerchantWords comparison.


Helium10 offers a number of useful tools, such as the Inventory Protector, which protects your products from coupon stackers, and the Refund Genie, which calculates how much you owe in damaged stock reimbursements. In addition, it’s a handy platform for Amazon merchants, with a free plan available. More information can be found in our Helium10 review.


 AMZTracker is a tool that allows you to keep track of keywords and products on Amazon. It has more sophisticated tools than MerchantWords, but it has a steeper learning curve. 


We hope this article helped you to learn in detail about MerchantWords. Good Luck!



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