Learn About Amazon FBA Vs Walmart Marketplace

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Learn About Amazon FBA Vs Walmart Marketplace


The topic isn’t so much which is better or which you prefer, but how Amazon FBA and Walmart Marketplace vary. You must distinguish between the differences and similarities to expand your consumer base and reach a broader range of marketplaces. Amazon recognized a long time ago that providing FBA to sellers was an excellent idea that benefited both the merchant and Amazon’s profit margin.


Moreover, sellers who use the FBA option will receive a 30 to 50 percent increase in sales compared to those who do not use the fulfillment service. Walmart noticed the value in providing fulfillment services to their vendors as well. WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Services) is similar to Amazon’s fulfillment center.


In addition, each of the two online markets, Amazon FBA and Walmart Marketplace has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few key distinctions between the two:




Amazon FBA and Walmart Marketplace both provide competitive shipping alternatives, each with its shipping information. Customers must be Prime members to get an item via expedited shipment with a 2-day delivery promise and a 2-day shipping tag. On the other hand, Walmart does not charge a membership fee to receive quick and reliable shipping. 


In late 2020, they did debut Walmart Plus, a service that works similarly to Prime. One significant distinction is that, unless buyers are members of the recently formed Walmart+ club, which works similarly to Amazon Prime, their order must be over $35 to qualify for 2-day free shipping. Customers who sign up for Walmart+ also get free grocery delivery. Aside from that, Walmart has upped its game to compete with Amazon’s shipping rates.


Inventory Restrictions


When it comes to brand offerings, Walmart does not have any minimums or maximums. Without fear of them imposing product limitations, go crazy and post whatever you have for sale. Although Walmart, like Amazon, has its list of banned products, they tend to be more ordinary than Amazon’s list of limited or gated categories.




Walmart Fulfillment Services is the retailer’s alternative to Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon service. Sellers can send their products to a Walmart Fulfillment center for safe storage and shipping, similar to FBA. They handle the delivery of products that are stored. On both sites, the returns delivery service ensures that any potential returns proceed efficiently. 


There are several distinctions between them. The set storage and fulfillment cost at Walmart is based solely on the product’s shipment weight. Amazon’s storage fees, on the other hand, are based on the amount of inventory you have kept in their warehouses, with prices depending on the quantity and specifications of your goods.


Removal of Expensive Items


Many Walmart Marketplace vendors have been surprised to discover that their item is withdrawn because it was overpriced. Walmart wants to keep its reputation as a low-cost, bargain retailer. They set price limits for you to sell as a result of this. 


Furthermore, Walmart has a price parity regulation that prohibits sellers from selling their goods at a lower price on another website. Walmart also has a price leadership rule, which states that if the same stock is made for less on another site, Walmart will delete the item. Because the mechanism is automatic, there is no way to overturn the judgment.


Excellent Customer Service


While Amazon has become known for its ease and excellent customer service, Walmart has gone above and above to treat its customers well. Both websites aim to deliver outstanding customer service and high levels of satisfaction. Amazon and Walmart both look at data on how you manage customer service inquiries. To determine seller ratings, they will look at reviews, item ratings, and other things. 



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